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Correlating Threat with Identity


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Electronics, 

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this project is to automate the detection and classification of vehicles and weapons from live video sources and correlate these objects with specific individuals using face recognition. 

DESCRIPTION: To meet the vehicle/weapon detection and search requirements, PM DoD Biometrics plans to develop and integrate machine learning based vehicle and weapon detection algorithms within an open, scalable and flexible high-performance computing platform which collects, processes, analyzes and searches (by face and keyword) large photo and video collections and repositories. US Army’s Video Identification, Collection and Exploitation (VICE) System supports the rapid integration and operationalization of new computer vision algorithms which shall can detect and annotate objects of interest, such as vehicles, weapons, and other objects of military interest. The combination of face recognition and vehicle/weapon detection will enable operators and analysts to correlate persons-of-interest with objects-of-interest in support of Intelligence and Force Protection operations. 

PHASE I: The objective is to develop an overall system design that includes specification of AI/ML based techniques employed, specification of architecture required to support concept of operation, sensor specifications required to achieve the ability to match identities associated with behavioral biometrics, and protocol for employment with current identity operations and intel platforms. 

PHASE II: Develop and demonstrate a prototype system in a realistic environment. Conduct testing to prove feasibility over extended operating conditions. 

PHASE III: Upon completion of research, software developed could be integrated into current biometric collection capabilities. 



KEYWORDS: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition 

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