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Automation-Robotics in Dining Facilities



OBJECTIVE: Develop and/or promote solutions for automation within military dining facilities.Conduct research on equipment capable of assisting with the preparation, processing, and/or cooking of food.This research seeks to identify and test solutions to improve efficiency and will permit the Services to better allocate labor resources within military dining facilities.

DESCRIPTION: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support (TS) Subsistence topic of interest is research focused on the use of automation-robotics in dining facilities.This research shall cover the areas involving the preparation, processing, and cooking of food.Specific areas of interest include: • Identify equipment which can be utilized to perform back-of-the-house tasks that prepare food for service • Once identified, provide the characteristics/capabilities of the equipment and any locations where the equipment is being used. • If your firm is currently developing this type of equipment, provide the function the equipment will be executing and any timeframe for commercial testing and production.

PHASE I: Phase I – 6 Months $100KThe research and development goals of Phase I are to provide Small Business eligible Research and Development firms the opportunity to successfully demonstrate how automation can be utilized in military dining facilities to reduce costs and increase efficiency.A concept of operations (CONOPs) or a process will be created by the vendor to show how the equipment can be utilized within the dining facilities.The deliverables for this project will include a final report to include a cost breakdown of the equipment to include, but not necessarily limited to, product cost, shipping, installation, training, parts kits, etc.

PHASE II: Phase II – 24 Months $1.6MBased on the research and development results and the CONOPs developed during PHASE I, the research and development goals of PHASE II will emphasize the actual use of the equipment within a military dining facility at a location mutually agreed upon between DLA Troop Support Subsistence and the vendor.

PHASE III: Dual Use Applications: At this time, no specific funding is associated with PHASE III.Progress documented from PHASE I and PHASE II should result in a vendor’s qualification as an approved source for food re-utilization enabling participation in future procurements.COMMERCIALIZATION:The vendor will pursue commercialization of the various processes and technologies associated with the re-utilization of expired food products as well as petroleum-based packaging developed in prior phases as well as potential commercial sales of any parts or other items.

KEYWORDS: Automation, Robotics, Military Dining Facilities


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