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Innovative technologies that destroy PFAS in and from soil, sediment, water and groundwater


The technologies should be widely applicable—i.e., able to address various combinations of PFAS present; various soil types and other matrices to be remediated; and other types of contaminants present. The technology should be effective, easy to use and maintain, and affordable. Applications can be either ex situ (treating excavated or extracted media or waste above ground) or in situ (treating in place). For cleanup, the technologies should be able to destroy (rather than just remove) PFASs and co-occurring contaminants from the target media. Procedures to measure remediation performance are also a critical element. The overall life cycle should be addressed for any proposed treatment technology to ensure removal of contamination from one location or media does not merely transfer the contamination to a different location or media where it may still present a risk to human health or the environment.
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