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Positioning, Navigation and Timing for Target Acquisition


TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Electronics, Ground Sea, Information Systems, Sensors, Battlespace


The objective of this topic is to develop an innovative algorithm (injectable software) that is optically agnostic allowing any VAS systems to calculate a more accurate position with reference to height above ellipsoid (HAE). This will assist current global positioning systems (GPS) eliminate the associated error and/or assist with assured navigation while being jammed or spoofed.


Participants are expected to account for astronomical formations that can be identified from earth's surface. Once the celestial mapping is complete, participants will determine a "system" that allows for specific optical parameters, allowing for any capable VAS system to be used. As a part of this feasibility study, offerors shall address all viable overall system design options with respective specifications, determining what requirements will be necessary to determine "capable VAS systems". Please take note: determining the factors that will be needed to ensure software can be ingested into VAS systems will be step one. Evaluators must be able to discern what system requirements (processing power, optical pathways, etc.) will be needed before moving forward. Currently, several industry partners are moving toward a celestial solution for their specific VAS systems.


Conduct a feasibility study to assess what is in the art of the possible that satisfies the requirements specified in the above paragraph entitled "Description".


Develop, install, and demonstrate a prototype system determined to be the most feasible solution during the Phase I feasibility study on the Celestial Assured Navigation.


This system could be used in a broad range of military applications where navigation and targeting devices are used both for increased accuracy and for operation in jammed and spoofed environments.

KEYWORDS: Celestial Navigation, Precision Navigation Timing (PNT), Targeting.


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