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Glass-metal Fritted Assemblies for Alpha-detection


b.      Glass-metal Fritted Assemblies for Alpha-detection

Glass-metal fritting is a widely used method for several commercial-based applications. However, there is a shortfall in commercial capability for specialized detector fabrication for some nonproliferation needs, such as alpha detection in associated particle neutron generators. The Office of Proliferation Detection requires a reliably produced source for hermetic glass-metal assemblies that consists of a fiber-optic window with a viewable diameter greater than or equal to 50 mm. Complexities of manufacturing include sealing the assembly to a flange that can be welded into a stainless steel housing and baked at 300° C for an extended (> 1 day) period without loss of vacuum seal.  The fiber-optic window must be compatible with the use of extra-mural absorption (EMA) fibers to absorb stray photons not contained within individual fibers, have a numerical aperture of at least 0.6, and a leak rate less than 1e-10 std cc/s. Existing NNSA projects have identified he opportunity to establish this specialized fabrication capability. Please contact the topic POC for more information.


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