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Digitization of Legacy Seismo-acoustic Waveform Data


a.      Digitization of Legacy Seismo-acoustic Waveform Data

Research is needed to improve the robustness and automation of techniques to rapidly and accurately digitize analog records of legacy seismo-acoustic waveform data.  Scanning records has limitations in the tradeoff between scanning time vs. resolution.  A variety of original recording technologies (e.g., paper helicorders, film develocorders), each with associated idiosyncrasies, generated data that must be recovered [1, 2, 3, 4].  Of interest are methods that streamline the scanning and digitization process, ideally allowing for treatment of a variety of original data types and correcting for complications such as overlapping signals, rotating drum distortions, and time marks.  The resulting techniques would enhance legacy data digitization by enabling automated translation of historical data into a useable form.  Digitizations of interest include signal and noise spectra at frequencies from approximately 0.02 to 20 Hz and timing precision that can be quantified.


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