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Spatial Alignment and Target Extraction


c.       Spatial Alignment and Target Extraction

Research is needed to develop an optical inspection and robust sample manipulation stage for the removal of particulates of typical diameter 1-300 micrometers from an oxide or metal surface. The functionality of interest is that of a stage of an optical microscope, with manipulation capable of at least four degrees of freedom (DOF) – e.g., x, y, z sample movement and z movement of a particle removal mechanism – with sub-micrometer reproducible positioning. In our application, sample removal mechanisms must utilize methods that do not alter the chemical composition of the particulates or transfer contamination so that ultra-trace destructive analyses can be performed to characterize the chemical and isotopic composition of collected particles. Materials of interest are solid samples comprised of both refractory materials (e.g., SiO2, Al2O3, and similar oxides) and light elements (i.e., low-Z organic macromolecules). Also of interest are techniques that provide a 3-D visualization of the extracted component.


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