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Remote Building Data Collection Technologies for Virtual Audits and Inspections


a.      Remote Building Data Collection Technologies for Virtual Audits and Inspections

This subtopic solicits innovative approaches for leveraging remote sensing data collection and curation techniques to automate the importing of building characteristic data into existing virtual audit and inspection platforms.


Current conditions make boots-on-the-ground audits difficult to execute, limiting the ability to identify energy efficiency opportunities safely and cost-effectively through audits and inspections. Recent advances in remote data collection make it possible to evaluate building energy dynamics and opportunities for upgrades using visual and thermal imagery. Remote sensing data, including visual imagery and other sensor data types (such as infrared or other spectrums) can be processed and leveraged for the pre-population of building characteristics for use in existing building evaluation platforms. For more information on this topic, applicants should refer to BTO’s building data science research, resources, and tools website [1].


Approaches should leverage standardized data systems, such as Audit Template, BuildingSync, HPXML, ASHRAE 223P, and other relevant management tools to synthesize and aggregate remote sensing data for automated import into building energy evaluation tools. Proposals should build upon existing tools to meet the requirements for a remote audit or virtual building inspection and support further identification of energy efficiency measure opportunities on a site by site basis with similar results to traditional auditing techniques. BTO encourages applicants to include identified sites in their proposals where the proposed outcome can be tested and demonstrated in the field.


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