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Diagnostic Technologies and Tools


a.      Diagnostic Technologies and Tools

This subtopic solicits proposals for innovative technologies and tools critical for design and manufacturing of retrofit solutions for buildings.


Technologies that can characterize the key energy and moisture performance-related properties of existing opaque envelopes could facilitate retrofit adoption and aid offsite manufacturing by quantifying the benefit of retrofits, pinpointing specific areas to retrofit, determining if an envelope retrofit can be safely conducted, and verifying post-retrofit performance.


Novel nondestructive testing and sensing technologies; simplified, lower-cost physical testing platforms; and novel, low-computational expense data acquisition and synthesis software have the potential to significantly expand the impact and reach of envelope diagnostic technologies. For more information, applicants should review BTO’s DRAFT Research and Development Opportunities Report for Opaque Building Envelopes [1] and ASHRAE’s Review of Non-Destructive Techniques for Building Diagnostic Inspections [2]. Proposals must include supporting data acquisition and processing software that delivers actionable insights to testing personnel. All solutions should minimize setup and teardown effort and time, as well as avoid disruption to building operations or occupants during testing.


Specifically, DOE seeks proposals in areas that include, but are not limited to:

·         Development of novel air leakage diagnostic metrology that delivers accurate and fast results regardless of outdoor weather conditions and provides location and quantified extent of infiltration/exfiltration. Technologies that reduce the complexity and effort required to test medium and large commercial buildings are also of interest.

·         Development of novel diagnostic metrology for envelope moisture performance without needing to remove exterior cladding. Detection of pre-existing moisture and water intrusion issues within envelopes (e.g., exterior wall assemblies) is an important step when considering envelope retrofits, such as those envisioned by BTO’s ABC Initiative.


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