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Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Resistant Coatings for Turbomachinery


a.      Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Resistant Coatings for Turbomachinery

Thermal barrier coatings (TBC) and anti-friction coatings are known to provide benefits for turbomachinery in power cycles, including higher use temperature, greater erosion resistance, toughness, and improved sintering resistance, increased wear-resistance and component lifetime. However, the use of TBCs and anti-friction coatings is not as well-investigated for sCO2-based power cycles, where the working fluid is supercritical CO2. Applications are being sought for the research and development of optimum thermal barrier and anti-friction coatings for large-scale sCO2 Recompression closed Brayton cycle (RCBC) turbomachinery applications. Applicants should identify and investigate TBC and/or anti-friction coatings that are sCO2-resistant with appropriate application methods for large-scale turbomachinery at conditions relevant to the sCO2 RCBC. The high density of the CO2 and small turbine pressure drop creates compact turbomachinery with unique temperature gradients. The proposed coating must be tolerant against delamination, erosion (surface requirement) resistant to corrosive gas, support thermal gradients / cycling and offer a thermal barrier. Testing should be designed to identify optimum coatings. The applicant team should have access to an sCO2 testing facility. Applicants should clearly describe the coating materials, technology, and expected benefits to turbomachinery for indirect sCO2 power cycle applications. Applications should also include a description of preliminary results of the proposed coatings showing promising performance under sCO2 conditions. Collaboration with an OEM is encouraged. The proposed materials or coating techniques are preferred to be at a later-stage in the research and development process so they will be ready for commercial potential in Phase II.


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