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Advanced Coolers for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Base Power Cycles



b.      Advanced Coolers for Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Base Power Cycles

A pathway to achieving higher sCO2 power cycle efficiencies can be enabled by operating under condensing sCO2 cycle conditions. The pressure drop through the cooler plays a large factor in the sCO2 cycle efficiency. These coolers are typically modular and to meet the desired heat duty multiple modules are used in a system, typically with heat duties ranging from 1 – 3 MWth per module.


Applications are being sought for the research and development of such advanced coolers to directly cool and condense CO2 while minimizing the pressure drop and associated fan power. Applicants should focus on the conceptual design of the cooler, integration with the sCO2 power cycle, and modeling performance. Controllability of the cooler to rapidly and accurately achieve the desired outlet temperature must be considered, due to the proximity of this operating point to the CO2 critical point and its resulting implications for downstream compressor performance. Cooler module designs resulting in a reduction in metal mass should be considered to enhance controllability and response transients. Applications may also include basic experimental work (cooler tubing geometries, heat transfer) to validate the concept. The applicant must clearly describe how the cooler technology will be integrated into the sCO2 power cycle to improve the cycle performance. Applicants must also describe how the proposed cooler technology can reduce cost compared to commercial technologies. The phase I effort should include development of a plan for building and testing a cooler prototype.


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