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Biological Technologies (BT)


The Biological Technologies topic covers a wide range of technology areas to advance engineering and science innovation across the biological spectrum. Biological technologies have disrupted decades-old chemical, agricultural, and medical products and services, producing a new bioeconomy. Potential breakthroughs in this space are on course to make major socioeconomic contributions to the economy by boosting productivity in industrial and agricultural processes, improving human health, and making advances toward environmental sustainability. Proposed projects should be focused on using or modifying living organisms, systems, or biological processes to develop novel technologies to produce biochemicals, medical products, and agricultural products. They may involve bioengineering to improve function in molecules, cells, and tissues in humans, plants, animals, and microbes. NSF also encourages proposals for enabling technologies, such as new tools for genomics, proteomics, and drug discovery, the development of instruments for biological applications, computational and bioinformatic tools, and new manufacturing technologies for cells, tissues, organs and biologics.
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