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Low-Input Decentralized Non-Potable Water Reuse for Irrigation Applications


Novel innovations and design efficiencies for development of new treatment technologies tailored to achieve the required treatment at the farm scale for irrigation of food or non-food crops. Low-input solutions (i.e., low-energy, low-cost, and/or low-maintenance technologies) or projects are accessible to a wide range of practitioners and would be required for wider adoption by the farming community. Examples of low-input solutions may include cisterns or onsite treatment at the farm scale (e.g., field-scale water filtration units incorporating the zero-valent ion (ZVI) technology), bio-char, passive lagoon systems, wetlands, or other engineered onsite treatment. Innovation is required to make the technologies cheaper, easier to operate and maintain, easier to monitor to ensure treatment effectiveness, minimize waste byproducts (e.g. brines or sludge), increase energy efficiency, and easier to install in existing agricultural farms.
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