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Blue Economy


Background NOAA enables growth in the American Blue Economy, with seaports alone supporting $5.4 trillion in economic activity, helping offer new sources of growth, jobs, and innovation. Marine aquaculture (or farmed seafood) is vital for supporting our nation’s seafood production, year-round jobs, rebuilding protected species and habitats, and enhancing coastal resilience. Improving marine transportation, through increased transit safety for vessels; promoting sustainable tourism and recreation across coastal and Great Lakes communities; increasing ocean exploration to help characterize the U.S. exclusive economic zone; and improving the resilience of coastal communities from extreme weather and climate events are all critical components of the U.S. Blue Economy where NOAA is focusing its future efforts. Research Priorities: Examples of appropriate subtopics for research applications from small businesses include, but are not limited to the following: Data for Decision Making: Combining existing and new data sources to provide actionable information to coastal communities and decision makers in the support of ocean commerce, energy development, sustainable infrastructure, and conservation. Data Visualization: Using Augmented Reality or other innovative visualization technologies to improve communication and comprehension of multiple complex data inputs related to climate, weather, coastal navigation, or others in support of decision making and planning at individual, local, regional, and national levels. Ocean Observations: Enhancing ocean observations to minimize uncertainty, including, but not limited to, cost effective integration of environmental sensors into existing infrastructure, such as commercial and Federal submarine telecommunications cables for improved monitoring of ocean conditions, detection of Tsunami waves, or other applications. Aquaculture Techniques: New techniques and technologies that support the development of sustainable aquaculture in the United States. Ocean Exploration: Techniques and technologies that unlock the potential of our ocean and coastal resources through increased mapping, exploration, and characterization of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone and beyond.
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