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Bolt Hole Eddy Current (BHEC) Signal Indication Interpretation


OUSD (R&E) CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Human-Machine Interfaces OBJECTIVE: Develop advanced guidance capabilities for the interpretation and evaluation of BHEC signals. DESCRIPTION: Sub optimal inspector performance in the interpretation and evaluation of BHEC signals is currently rated by AFSC Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) Program Managers as one of the most pressing issues. Inaccurate interpretation and evaluation is driving unnecessary maintenance which increases the risk of maintenance induced damage, excess material removal, and related deleterious effects. The intent of this solicitation is to integrate and build upon existing technologies to pull video output from the nondestructive inspection (NDI) equipment, limited augmented reality (AR)-based capability refresher and visualization tools developed by Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and advanced learning methods. This integrated guidance could include reference video indications from various hole conditions (such as nicks, gouges, burrs, corrosion, layer, shims, and related damage modes), information from tutorials developed by AFRL and an equipment manufacturer to allow realistic interpretation of indications from the cited fastener hole conditions. All material will be recreated in the AR environment. The guidance would include multiple modules and examples for the inspector to interpret and evaluate, be evaluated on their performance and be provided feedback to meet anticipated levels of proficiency. Ideally the AR-based capability will be fully interactive. The developed capability will be modular and organically editable for easy modification, updates, and minimize cost to implement. PHASE I: Ability to project eddy current instrumentation screens onto test articles Ability to overlay a virtual representation of the eddy current instrument onto an actual eddy current instrument using augmented reality Ability to use commands in augmented reality to control an actual instrument. PHASE II: Develop an AR capability to perform diagnostics on eddy current BHEC inspection results of fastener holes with irregularities that inhibit easy interpretation or disposition. System has capability to distinguish between gouges [circumferential, helical and axial], oblong holes, out of roundness, burrs, corrosion, cracks, steel contamination, corner crack, mid-bore crack and through thickness crack. AR system should overlay representative impedance plane data over instrument response and provide feedback to inspectors to facilitate inspector interpretation of results from the actual inspection. Characterization of variance (i.e. different bolt conditions) has a threshold accuracy of 75% with an objective of 90% accuracy. The AR capability should be integrated into commercially available systems. In addition, the AR module should be agnostic to a specific hardware configuration. PHASE III DUAL USE APPLICATIONS: Contractor shall implement, deploy and provide initial training of the final guidance platform at the aircraft NDI units at Ogden, Warner-Robins, and Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complexes. The contractor shall also include a deployment plan and cost analysis for field level implementation to be delivered to the AF NDI Program Office. REFERENCES: 1. 1. INTERPRETATION GUIDE And TUTORIAL, Eddy Current Inspection of Boltholes, T.W. Guettinger ; 2. Bolt Hole Eddy Current Signal Interpretation, Ken LaCivita, John McClure, Dave Stubbs, Dan Laufersweiler ; 3. "Leveraging Augmented Reality - a Nondestructive Evaluation Case Study" AFRL-RX-WP-TR-2008-4373 RECOMMENDED PROCESSES AND BEST PRACTICES FOR NONDESTRUCTIVE INSPECTION (NDI) OF SAFETY-OF-FLIGHT STRUCTURES, John Brausch, Lawrence Butkus, David Campbell, Tommy Mullis, and Michael Paulk EN-SB-08-012, Revision D, In-Service Inspection Crack Size Assumptions for Metallic Structures "Distribution A presentation available to all who request it during pre-release discussion period. Once the solicitation is accepting proposals, it will be posted on SITIS Q&A site for this topic." KEYWORDS: NDI; bolt hole; eddy current; bolthole, augmented reality, AR, guidance
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