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Power, Energy and Storage


Power is a ubiquitous technology need across many NASA missions, and new technologies are sought to improve and/or enable the generation, storage, and distribution of electrical power for both human and robotic missions. In space power, mission applications include planetary surface power, large-scale spacecraft prime power, and small-scale robotic probe power. Applicable technology development is sought for 1) efficient means of transmitting, connecting, and managing kilowatt-class power over long distances on planetary surfaces, 2) various power generation and storage technologies for planetary science missions, particularly in extreme environments. An overarching objective is to mature technologies from analytical or experimental proof-of-concept (TRL3) to breadboard demonstration in a relevant environment (TRL5). Successful efforts will transition into NASA Projects where the prototype deliverables will be incorporated into ground testbeds or flight demonstrations. Note that there are some similar power technology development needs at higher power levels for electrified aircraft propulsion which are covered in Focus Area 18, Air Vehicle Technology. 

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