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xTechSBIR Pacific Finalist Open Topic Competition


Critical Technical Area(s): Advanced Computing and Software; Integrated Network Systems-of-Systems; Renewable Energy Generation and Storage; Human-machine Interfaces OBJECTIVE: It has been noted that when it comes to conflict, America is often the “away team.” The U.S. is often fighting wars in areas thousands of miles from U.S. shores. This fact creates a “tyranny of distance,” meaning that, distance lessens military strength and increases the cost of conflicts. The impact of long distances can affect overall strategy, tactics, and logistics. Even with unrivaled capabilities, the ability to collect and understand intelligence can decay over distance. The supply chain is also heavily impacted, as distance increases, the time to provide supplies increases, supply routes can be contested, and even when supplies arrive safely, upkeep and maintenance are still a concern. These are just a few of the ways that distance impacts the effectiveness of our military overseas. The U.S. Army is interested in enabling technologies that could help overcome the “tyranny of distance”. Examples of technologies that address this issue include but are not limited to the following domains: • Logistics/Supply Chain: To ensure rapid resupply of material and aid. • Sustainment and Climate: To limit the need for resupply across geographically dispersed troops. • Communications: To ensure secured communication in degraded environments over extraordinary distances. • Internet of Things (IoT)/Sensing: To increase force control and introduce autonomous capabilities in Theater. • Information Advantage: To increase real-time situational awareness through information operations and a commons intelligence picture. DESCRIPTION: The U.S. Army would like to invite interested entities to participate in the xTech Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Pacific competition, a forum for eligible small businesses in the U.S. Pacific region to engage with the Army, earn prize money, participate in the accelerator program, and submit for a Phase I SBIR award. xTechSBIR Pacific offers an opportunity for eligible participants to pitch novel technology solutions directly to the Army addressing tyranny of distance challenges faced by the U.S. Pacific region. The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM)-Pacific, U.S. Army Pacific (USAPAC), and Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) in partnership with the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology) (ASA(ALT)), recognizes that the Army must enhance engagements with eligible small businesses by: (1) understanding the spectrum of ‘world-class’ technologies being developed commercially that may benefit the Army; (2) integrating the sector of commercial innovators into the Army’s Science and Technology (S&T) ecosystem; and (3) providing mentorship and expertise to accelerate, mature, and transition technologies of interest to the Army. The xTechSBIR Pacific competition will consist of three-rounds: (1) Call for concept white papers (2) Virtual Technology Pitch event and (3) Final Pitch event, awarding up to $800,000 in cash prizes to select eligible entities throughout the competition. Ultimately, up to 20 finalists will be selected from the virtual technology pitch event and will receive a cash prize of $20,000 each and an invitation to demonstrate their innovative technology solutions to Army challenges during the final pitch event. Up to 10 participants will be selected as the final winners of the competition upon conclusion of the finals pitch event and will receive an additional cash prize of $25,000 each and the opportunity to submit for a Phase I SBIR award of up to $250,000 each or a Direct to Phase II SBIR award of up to $1,900,000 each. Details on the prize structure are listed in this announcement. In addition to non-dilutive cash prizes, participants will have the opportunity to engage with Army partners through information sharing and networking opportunities. Finalists will be entered into the xTech Accelerator to receive intensive mentorship and access to networking events to help grow their companies for Army and commercial users. The efforts described in this notice are being pursued under the authorities of 10 U.S.C. § 4025 (formerly 2374a, Prizes for Advanced Technology Achievements) and 15 U.S.C. § 638 and 10 U.S.C. § 4003 (Prototype Projects) to award cash prizes and SBIR awards to only those eligible entities as described in this announcement. While the authority of this program is 10 U.S.C. § 4025, the xTechSBIR Pacific competition may generate interest by another U.S. Army, DOD or USG organization for a funding opportunity outside of this event. The interested organization may contact the participant to provide additional information which may or may not result in partnership opportunities. PHASE I: Companies will complete a feasibility study that demonstrates the firm’s competitive technical advantage relative to other commercial products (if other products exist) and develop concept plans for how the company’s technology can be applied to Army modernization priority areas. Studies should clearly detail and identify a firm’s technology at both the individual component and system levels, provide supporting literature for technical feasibility, highlight existing performance data, showcase the technology’s application opportunities to a broad base of customers outside the defense space, a market strategy for the commercial space, how the technology directly addresses the Army’s modernization area as well as include a technology development roadmap to demonstrate scientific and engineering viability. At the end of Phase I, the company will be required to provide a concept demonstration of their technology to demonstrate a high probability that continued design and development will result in a Phase II mature product. PHASE II: Produce prototype solutions that will be easy to operate by a Soldier. These products will be provided to select Army units for further evaluation by the soldiers. In addition, companies will provide a technology transition and commercialization plan for DOD and commercial markets. PHASE III DUAL USE APPLICATIONS: Complete the maturation of the company’s technology developed in Phase II to TRL 6/7 and produce prototypes to support further development and commercialization. The Army will evaluate each product in a realistic field environment and provide small solutions to stakeholders for further evaluation. Based on soldier evaluations in the field, companies will be requested to update the previously delivered prototypes to meet final design configuration. REFERENCES: KEYWORDS: logistics; supply chain; climate; xTech; xTechSBIR Pacific; internet of things; information collection; data collection; sensing; communications
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