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Quantum Enhanced RF Components


OUSD (R&E) CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY AREA(S): Quantum Science; Advanced Computing and Software


OBJECTIVE: Through quantum phenomenology, businesses can create sensitive Radio Frequency (RF) components to enhance the performance of current communication systems. The enhancement of detection of current RF systems would produce lower noise levels for each of the components. Lowering the noise levels for the components will enable the detection of weaker signals, which could mean the radar detection of previously unseen targets.


DESCRIPTION: Quantum research made breakthroughs in innovative technologies enabling the creation of new RF components that can exceed existing performances. Literature has shown that quantum-based RF components can be used to decrease noise in RF components. Examples of quantum-based RF components of interest included but are not limited to amplifiers, mixers, and oscillators. All the components can be used to increase the detection efficiencies of signals whether it be for communications or radar systems. These components will be developed such that they can be integrated with current existing systems. Once integrated with the current systems the components would provide enhancements over the components that they are replacing. The end user of the components would fall within the Army Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Task Force (ISR TF).


PHASE I: Delivery for Phase I would be a series of reports outlining feasibility of RF component with mathematical models for feasibility of quantum phenomena.


PHASE II: Delivery for Phase II would be a working prototype demonstrated at the end of the contract. In addition to the prototype, a report documenting the bounds of the prototype and any necessary control software required to operate the prototype.



  • Various security systems rely on RF detection to verify user access, utilizing Quantum enhanced components will enhance efficacy of the systems. ​
  • Currently, RF interference can disrupt police and first responder communications systems. Integration of Quantum Enhanced RF components will help minimize disruptions and identify the source of interference. ​
  • Maritime and Aviation vehicles currently utilize RF frequencies for navigation and timing. Implementation of quantum enhanced components will make it easier to communicate between vessels and traffic controllers, as well as have a wider range than traditional RF devices.




KEYWORDS: Radio Frequency (RF); Noise level reduction; communication; components, Quantum-based RF; radar detection; Enhancement; Performance; Signals

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