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Advanced Network Technologies and Services


The Internet is a collection of independently owned and operated networks interconnected in a complex mesh to meet the needs of today’s digital society. These networks range from broadband networks supporting consumer activities (i.e., entertainment, business, and SOHO work activities) to multi-Gigibit/sec Research and Education Networks (RENs) supporting largescale science experiments at major academic, industry, and government research institutions. Further complications arise when application traffic crosses multiple network domains, as a performance problem anywhere along the path will be visible to the application user, but the resolution may require action on the part of some remote network operator. While low-level tools like NetLogger ( can help identify bottlenecks that impact application level performance, it takes an expert in the tool to interpret the results before steps
can be taken to eliminate those bottlenecks.

Therefore, it is essential that new technologies, tools, and high-level services get developed and deployed to make it easier for network operators to identify where performance problems exist and to raise user expectations. Dealing with these complex issues will require new multi-domain tools and services that provide authorized personnel access to performance and operations data along the entire end-to-end application path. It should also be recognized that individual users may need summary information to assist them in reporting problems, while network operators need more detailed information to fix problems. Meeting both types of needs using a single measurement and monitoring infrastructure would greatly improve the network experience for a large number of users.

While DOE science applications push the limits of today’s networks in terms of absolute performance, all network operators face a growing need for advanced tools and services to better manage their infrastructure. This topic solicits proposals that deal directly with all aspects of building, operating, and maintaining large network infrastructures.

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