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Extensions to perfSONAR


perfSONAR is a framework for developing multi-domain measurement and monitoring services. This framework separates the collection of data from the use of this data. It also provides access control mechanisms and services that allow network providers to control how collected data is shared with peers and other potential data consumers. The ability to separate data collection from data consumption promotes innovation in both areas. Tools and services that collect unique data values can be developed and deployed by operators and users that find these tools useful. Tools and services that analyze data can draw from this
wide pool of data sources without needing to deploy boxes in hundreds to thousands of locations. Grant applications are sought that leverage the perfSONAR framework to create tools and services that generate or consume measurement or monitoring data. Issues include, but are not limited to: hardening of existing research tools; collecting data from unique devices or services; data analysis tools that simplify a network operator’s task of running a network; data analysis
tools that inform network users where performance bottlenecks exist; intuitive displays of performance or operational data tailored to network operators, or network users.

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