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Management Tools for Network Operators


network infrastructure must be actively managed to ensure that the infrastructure itself does not become a major performance bottleneck. This management requires an understanding of how traffic is currently flowing, making predictions about how traffic flows will change in the future, and, increasingly, how much energy this infrastructure is using. Network operations staff need tools and services to make real-time decisions regarding the current performance of the network. Operators also need tools and services that handle longer term capacity planning activities which balance multiple parameters e.g. cost, performance, and energy usage. Grant applications are sought to develop management tools suitable for managing large distributed network infrastructures. Issues include, but are not limited to: visualization tools that provide deep insights into the current status of the network links, router, switches, and optical gear; traffic  engineering tools that allow operators to deal with performance bottlenecks; capacity planning tools that allow operators to determine how to effectively grow the network to meet future demands; tools that allow operators to optimize the network balancing performance, cost, and energy consumption.

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