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Turnkey HPC Solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering


HPC modeling and simulation applications are utilized by many industries in their product development cycle, but hurdles remain for wider adoption especially for small and medium sized manufacturing and engineering firms. Some of the hurdles are: overly complex applications, lack of hardware resources, inability to run proof of concept simulations on desktop workstations, solutions that have well developed user interfaces, but are difficult to scale to higher end systems,  solutions that are scalable but have poorly developed user interfaces, etc. While many advances have been made in making HPC applications easier to use they are still mostly written with an expert level user in mind.

Grant applications that focus on HPC applications that could be utilized in the advanced manufacturing supply chain are strongly encouraged as well as  applications that address the need to have solutions that are easier to learn, test and integrate into the product development cycle by a more general user (one with computational experience, but not necessarily an expert). Issues to be addressed include, but are not limited to: Developing turn-key HPC application solutions, porting HPC software to platforms that have a more reasonable cost vs. current high end systems (this could also include porting to high performance workstations (CPU/GPU) which would provide justification for the procurement of HPC assets or small scale clusters, or to a “cloud” type environment or service), HPC software as a service, etc.

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