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HPC Support Tools and Services


Many tools and services have been developed over the years to support the HPC user and development community. These tools (debuggers, profilers,
workflow engines, low-level libraries, etc), although very powerful, take a good deal of time and effort to learn and use. For a company to utilize HPC in the development of their product or service they need to invest a substantial amount in learning these tools and services. This presents an insurmountable barrier for many organizations. If the tools were easier to use and more intuitive they could be more widely utilized. Grant applications are sought that will help
make HPC tools and services easier to use for the experienced (not expert) user, through enhanced or simplified user interfaces, consolidation of tools into a common environment, common frameworks, etc. Grant applications must establish how the proposed tools and services can greatly increase the ease of use for a less-experienced HPC user or developer.

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