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Genomic Science and Related Biotechnologies


DOE’s Genomic Science program supports research aimed at identifying the fundamental principles that drive biological systems relevant to DOE missions in energy, climate, and the environment. These principles guide the translation of the genetic code into functional proteins and the metabolic/regulatory networks underlying the systems biology of plants, microbes, and communities. Advancing fundamental knowledge of these systems will enable new solutions to national priorities in sustainable bioenergy production, understanding the fate and transport of environmental contaminants, and developing new approaches to examine the role of biological systems in carbon cycling, biosequestration, and global climate. The major objectives of the Genomic Science program are to i.) Determine the molecular mechanisms, regulatory elements, and integrated networks needed to understand genome-scale functional properties of microbes,
plants, and communities, ii.) Develop –omics experimental capabilities and enabling technologies needed to achieve dynamic, system-level understanding of organism and/or community function, and iii.) Develop the knowledgebase, computational infrastructure, and modeling capabilities to advance predictive understanding and manipulation of biological systems.

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