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RF Power Devices and Accessories


Grant applications are sought to develop (1) higher power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IOTs) with more than 6000Volts and more than 2000Amps, which are required for the development of high power modulators and power supplies; (2) a very high power (100-400 kW) 350-500 MHz solid state power amplifier to replace klystron amplifiers in synchrotron light sources; (3) new dielectric materials for vacuumbarrier RF windows for high-power applications, in order to significantly improve the power handling capability and mechanical strength (compared to existing materials), and demonstrate a low secondary electron emission coefficient; (4) a compact, high-power stripline-input broadband R termination, which is capable of 1kW CW input power and could be used for board-mounted components such as circulators and splitters/combiners; and (5) a 4-way resonant cavity RF combiners of IOT power sources (the output of several IOTs must be combined to overcome their low power capability) to drive accelerating structures for high energy and high intensity accelerators that require several hundreds of kWs.

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