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Devices for the Manipulation of Electron Beams


Grant applications also are sought to develop devices for the manipulation of electron beams in storage rings and linear accelerators. Such devices are used to facilitate deflection of the beam onto a predicted trajectory or to generate a time-space correlation in the beam. Devices of interest include:

(1) Electromagnetic RF cavities operating in a dipole mode, which could introduce a transverse kick to an electron bunch as a whole or provide a “head-tail” displacement within the bunch. Such cavities would need to provide deflecting kick voltages up 10 MV, with phase error < 0.01° and amplitude error < 10-4, with parasitic modes damped to Q-values < 1000 and with minimal short-range wake fields.

(2) Pulsed power supplies that can be used with stripline kickers to provide deflecting fields. Such power supplies should have a repetition rate up to 100 kHz, a voltage pulse 10-15kV, a 10 ns pulse duration, and pulse-to-pulse stability better than 10-3.

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