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Electron Gun Technology


Grant applications are sought to develop novel electron gun features including:

(1) Robust cathode materials suitable for production of low emittance electron bunches at a high repetition rate, using laser excitation. The intrinsic normalized emittance of the electron beam must be of order 10-7 m-rad, in bunches of order 100 pC charge, duration of approximately 10 ps, and with quantum efficiency of 10-2 or greater. Materials should be robust to environmental conditions, have small dark current under applied electric fields of order 10-100 MVm-1, and have long lifetime.

(2) Accelerating structures supporting electric fields of 10-100 MVm-1 at a cathode surface, allowing laser excitation of the cathode material and rapid  acceleration of the emitted electrons, with minimal emittance growth and an electron bunch repetition rate of 1 MHz or greater. Combined with suitable cathode materials and a photocathode laser, the system should be capable of producing low emittance (less than 1 mm-mrad normalized) electron bunches at a
minimum 1 MHz repetition rate, with up to 1 nC charge per bunch.

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