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Industrial Membrane Process Systems


Grant applications are sought to enhance the separation capabilities of membranes used in industrial process streams. Proposed research should be aimed at developing and commercializing innovative membrane systems, using new or currently existing membranes, that can be robust when integrated within real-world processes (e.g., inert gas removal, isomer separation, aromatic/non-aromatic separations, sulfur removal, CO2 capture, and removal of trace metals). Grant applications should seek to address one or more of the following needs: (1) techniques for overcoming scale-up problems related to contaminants in industrial streams (fouling, oil misting, etc.), (2) manufacturing technologies that would reduce the cost of membrane modules, (3) anti-fouling and anti-flux schemes to improve the long-term operability of membrane systems, and (4) methods to regenerate membrane performance and lower membrane maintenance costs. Also of interest is the integration of membranes with other technologies (such as the integration of membranes with distillation systems, or with adsorption or extraction processes), in order to address specific process issues. For all grant applications, the overriding goal is to enhance U.S. industrial process efficiency to the maximum possible extent by increasing the separation process efficiency. Therefore, priority will be given to applications that carefully examine the efficiency of the proposed membrane technology within the targeted application. Grant applications should also include a process evaluation and an economic analysis along with the R&D effort. Lastly, technology partnerships involving U.S. manufacturers, suppliers, and end users are strongly encouraged.

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