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The manufacturing subtopic addresses manufacturing innovations that improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the nation's manufacturing sector.  Proposals should be market-driven and identify the end users of the proposed technology, and the proposed pathway to commercialization.

M1. Manufacturing Processes (Cognizant Program Officer: Grace

Innovative processes for molding, forging, casting, joining of dissimilar materials, with an emphasis on environmentally-benign manufacturing techniques. Projects leading to the development of new processes and control techniques, including new hybrid techniques to achieve net shape products and complex multi-scale, multi-functional products with superior quality and performance.

M2. Machines and Equipment (Cognizant Program Officer: Ben

Innovations in machine and control system design for applications in the manufacturing and construction industry that will produce improved efficiency and/or reduced cost. The application of sensors and sensed data to improve throughput, quality and/or performance is also supported.

M3. Modeling and Simulation (Cognizant Program Officer: Grace

Innovations in modeling and simulation of enterprise operations, manufacturing processes, machines and equipment, including predictive modeling of tooling and machine performance, and discrete event simulation of manufacturing systems.

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