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Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities


Established in March 2001, CRCHD is the cornerstone of the Institute?s efforts to reduce the unequal burden of cancer in our society. A central goal of the Center is to translate research discoveries into policies and/or services aimed at reducing cancer-related health disparities in racial, ethnic, elderly and medically underserved communities. To learn more about the Center, please visit our website:

The Center is interested in the following SBIR/STTR applications:

A. Communication. Training tools to help health professionals deal with issues concerning health literacy and cultural competency.

B. Health Care and Epidemiology. Computer software and hardware for hand-held data input and analysis devices; databases and other tools to study patterns of cancer care in underserved communities.

C. New Technology. Instrumentation to facilitate early detection and screening, including telemedicine and remote medical imaging, and bioengineering technology (including nanotechnology) applied to cancer detection and diagnosis in underserved communities.

D. Geographic Information Systems. Simple, low-cost mapping software to overlay cancer patterns with socioeconomic data, health system infrastructure, healthcare, personal behaviors, ethnicity, risk factors, and consumer profiling among underserved communities.

E. Human Genomics. Tools and technology for health care providers using cancer research developments from genomics, pharmaco-genetics and proteonomics for underserved populations.

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