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Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience


Emphasis is on research on chronic disabling diseases of the oral-craniofacial-dental areas including chronic pain, neuropathies and neurodegenerative disorders, diseases of the temporomandibular joint. NIDCR encourages small business applications to:

A. Develop improved techniques for measuring nociceptive, chemosensory, tactile, kinesthetic, or proprioceptive function involving craniofacial structures. Such measures may be useful in screening for deficits, improving diagnosis, or for evaluating responses to dental treatments or interventions.

B. Develop improved measures for assessing oral-motor coordination or oral behaviors (e.g., swallowing, masticatory efficiency).

C. Develop improved biomarkers or treatments for neuropathic conditions or neurodegenerative conditions affecting oral-craniofacial tissues or structures.

D. Develop assays facilitating reliable evaluations of relationships between hormonal or chronobiological variations and other risk factors as these relate to onset or exacerbation of pain symptoms.

E. Discover and develop non-narcotic medications with particular emphasis on chronic orofacial pain disorders.

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