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Technology and Methods Development


Technology development in DNA sequencing and genotyping are examples of activities that have changed the nature of what scientific research questions are practical to address, have enabled new approaches, and have potentiated the development of new community resource data sets. Many areas of critical importance to the realization of the genomics-based vision for biomedical research require continued technological and methodological developments before pilots and then large-scale approaches can be attempted. Accordingly, the NHGRI will continue to support the development of new, fundamental technologies in all areas of genomics. Other important areas in which technology development applications would be responsive to this Program Announcement include (but are not limited to) analyses of gene expression, discovery and characterization of genetic variation; identification of the genetic contributions to health, disease, and drug response; statistical analytic methods for understanding human genomic variation and its relationship to health and disease; and chemical genomics. There is also continued interest in supporting technology development for the comprehensive discovery of functional elements in the human and model organism genomes, and new DNA sequencing technology. Many of these assays would benefit from the ability to work with very small amounts of starting material, to the limit of single cells.

The Institute is also interested in contributing selectively to the development of new and needed technology in related areas, such as proteomics and systems biology research, when NHGRI funding can be used to further a truly unique development that will have a significant impact on the field.

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