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Computational Biology


The NHGRI has supported the generation of many large-scale genomic data sets such as genome sequence, haplotype maps, transcriptome measurements, protein interactions, and functional elements. NHGRI encourages the development of new computational methods and tools to analyze these and other large datasets, and to extract useful biological information from them. Where possible, existing community data standards and methods for data exchange should be used in the development of these new methods and tools. Further information on programs related to genomic databases and computational biology is available at this website:

The development of new sequencing technologies has dramatically increased the amount of data produced for genomics. NHGRI is interested in supporting new computational applications for the production and analysis of data from these new sequencing platforms. These applications would include better computational methods for storage, compression and transfer of large datasets by biomedical researchers along with better analysis methods to interpret these data and integrate with other data types.

Some genomic data analysis and display tools have been developed that already are used in the community that would benefit from additional work to support broader dissemination, for example making them efficient, reliable, robust, well-documented, and well-supported. NHGRI will support projects to extend the support for these informatics tools to make them readily adopted by any biomedical research laboratory that wishes to use genomic technologies to address biological questions.

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