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CVM is a public health organization that enables the marketing of effective drugs, food additives, feed ingredients, and animal devices that are safe to animals, humans, and the environment. The Center, in partnership with Federal and state agencies and other customers, ensures animal health and the safety of food derived from animals. The Center makes timely, quality decisions and takes regulatory actions to ensure that these products provide for quality health care of animals, minimize the transmission of zoonotic diseases, and increase the efficiency of production of animal-derived food and fiber. Regulatory decisions are supported by research, the monitoring of product safety, and efficacy, and the continual improvement of processes.

Research and development opportunities within the Center for Veterinary Medicine that lend themselves to performance by small businesses include, but are not limited to, the following areas of interest:

A. Development, for the specific purpose of obtaining approval or conditional approval, of products for the treatment, control or prevention of diseases or conditions occurring in minor species or small numbers of major species.

B. Development and validation of high throughput/screening quantitative and qualitative analytical methods for analyzing drugs, additives, and contaminants in animal tissues and feeds.

C. Development of methods to determine absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs, feed additives and contaminants (microbial and chemical) in food animals, including minor species.

D. Development of new biomarkers and models for determining the safety and effectiveness of veterinary drugs and food additives in domestic animals, including minor species.

E. Development of methods to determine the effects of drugs, food additives, and contaminants (microbial and chemical) on immunological and physiological functions of domestic animals, including minor species.

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