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Cardiovascular Sciences


The Division of Cardiovascular Sciences (DCVS) supports basic, clinical, population, and health services research on the causes, prevention, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The research programs of the Division encompass investigator-initiated research, targeted research, Institute-initiated research in targeted areas of research need and scientific opportunity, specialized centers of research focused on selected research topics, and clinical trials. Research supported by the Division is concerned with the etiology, pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of coronary artery disease and atherothrombosis; structural heart disease; heart failure and arrhythmias; and hypertension and vascular diseases. A broad array of epidemiological studies is supported by the DCVS to describe disease and risk factor patterns in populations and to identify risk factors for disease. Also supported are clinical trials of interventions to prevent and treat disease; studies of genetic, behavioral, sociocultural, and environmental influences on disease risk and outcomes; and studies of the application of prevention and treatment strategies to determine how to improve clinical care and public health.

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