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High Amperage Large-scale Electrical Energy Storage


OBJECTIVE: Demonstrate megawatt (MW) scale electrical energy storage at high charge and discharge rates, high cycle life, and high energy density. DESCRIPTION: Electrical power is transient in nature and effective storage of megawatt scale power is a critical technology to enable forward operating base (FOB) level power management. Currently available batteries are not effective solutions with inadequate large scale energy storage, rapid recharge/discharge capabilities, and cycle life. These deficiencies preclude their use for vehicle portable large scale storage and limit the utility of renewable power sources which are subject to large fluctuations. An effective solution has the potential to impact a variety of applications, such as load leveling of power grids to providing uninterruptible backup power, and reduce the logistical burden associated with fuel for power generation at critical DoD bases and FOBs. In addition, large scale power storage technology will enable the use of renewable power generation including photovoltaics or wind power. This SBIR topic seeks new high-performance energy storage solutions that will reduce fuel dependence for power generation at FOBs. PHASE I: Prepare a feasibility study of an energy storage concept. Proof of concept demonstration with the following system level properties: lifetime>1,000 cycles,>100 Wh/kg,>0.3 kWh/l,>1 MW charge and discharge rates, and storage efficiency over 24 hours>90%. The technology should have a path to: lifetime>5,000 cycles,>150 Wh/kg,>0.5 kWh/l,>1.5 MW charge rate, and storage efficiency over 95%. As part of the final report, plans for Phase II will be proposed. PHASE II: Finalize the Phase I design and deliver two 150 kWh prototype systems for government evaluation. Target Transition Readiness Level at the end of Phase II: 4. PHASE III: High performance MW scale energy storage systems have both military and commercial dual use applications for uninterruptable power systems, for power grid load leveling, and for energy storage from renewable power generation systems.
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