DOD/MDA SBIR 2012.2 3

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Available Funding Topics

  • MDA12-001: Novel Planning Algorithms for Hybrid Land and Sea Platform Sensor Coordination
  • MDA12-002: Radar Waveforms to Discern Remote Object Attributes
  • MDA12-003: 3G and 4G Communication System Interference Remediation Techniques
  • MDA12-004: Asset Pairing for Battle Management
  • MDA12-005: RF-IR Data Fusion for Track and Data Correlation
  • MDA12-006: Anti-Tamper Technology for Missile Defense
  • MDA12-007: Techniques for Performing Warhead Characterization
  • MDA12-008: Modeling High Explosive (HE) Detonation Response and Resulting Debris/Shrapnel Generation from Submunitions Warheads
  • MDA12-009: Fast-Running Physics-Based Models for Intercept Debris Aero-heating and Aero-thermal Demise
  • MDA12-010: Antenna design in the Plasma Environment
  • MDA12-011: RF Material Property Characterization
  • MDA12-012: Advanced Techniques for Lossless Compression of Target Vehicle Telemetry
  • MDA12-013: Modular Hypergolic Leak Detector
  • MDA12-014: Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing Technologies for High Energy Laser Applications
  • MDA12-015: Development of Line-narrowed Diode Pump Sources for DPAL systems
  • MDA12-016: Optics and Coatings for High Energy Laser Applications
  • MDA12-017: Atmospheric Characterization for Directed Energy Applications
  • MDA12-018: Light weight Rubidium-Metal Vapor Circulating System
  • MDA12-019: Solid State High Energy Laser Batteries and Power Sources
  • MDA12-020: Methodologies for Realtime Correction of Water Vapor Effects on an Infrared Scene
  • MDA12-021: Lightweight Communication Equipment for Interceptor Communications
  • MDA12-022: Miniature Extendable Nozzles or Actuating Nozzles for Improved ISP of DACS Thrusters
  • MDA12-023: Powdered Propellant Rocket Motor
  • MDA12-024: Waste Heat Recovery of Rocket Motors for Reduction of Battery Weight
  • MDA12-025: Affordable Reinforced Polymer Composite Structures with Embedded Electrical Interfaces
  • MDA12-026: Marking of Components for Avoidance of Counterfeit Parts
  • MDA12-027: Thermal Isolation of Nozzle Exit Cone Insulators

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