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Methodologies for Realtime Correction of Water Vapor Effects on an Infrared Scene


OBJECTIVE: Develop software tools to remove, in real time, the effects of atmospheric water vapor of an infrared scene. DESCRIPTION: The ability to accurately determine characteristics of an infrared scene depends on compensation for the effects of water vapor in the medium between the sensor and the scene. This SBIR deals specifically with the effects due to water vapor between an observation platform and its area of interest. Infrared sensors must look through the atmosphere where dynamic climate conditions directly affect the target signature and apparent position as seen by the sensor, through water vapor. Specifically: Model the effects of water vapor on an infrared scene. Leverage available weather databases for humidity data. Develop tools that can mitigate these effects for a simulated scene. PHASE I: Demonstrate the feasibility of modeling atmospheric effects such as various water vapor types on apparent position with high accuracy including all physics typically neglected by physical optics techniques. Also, demonstrate the feasibility of modeling star backgrounds for use in star calibration functions with atmospheric conditions. For example, demonstrate the feasibility of modeling the relationship between accuracy of these models, and the error or uncertainty of a star calibration. Develop a plan to mature the selected technique(s) in Phase II. PHASE II: Implement the plan developed in Phase I and demonstrate the performance of the tool on models of interest to MDA. Characterize performance on modern hardware and assess the accuracy of the code on realistic models. PHASE III: Refine methodology and tool development and transition to interested platforms. COMMERCIALIZATION: Commercialization: The contractor will pursue commercialization of the various technologies developed in Phase II for potential commercial uses in such diverse fields as pilot training simulations, computer graphics hw/sw applications, remote sensing, meteorology, and weather prediction.
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