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SiC 600VDC Solid State Circuit Protection and Distribution


OBJECTIVE: Design and demonstrate a Silicon Carbide (SiC) high voltage circuit protection to TRL 5 in TARDEC's Vehicle Electronics & Architecture (VEA) Research System Integration Lab (SIL) with future integration onto Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, Ground Combat Vehicle, and other future Army programs that will utilize a 600VDC architecture. DESCRIPTION: In order to generate and distribute more electrical power on military ground vehicles, higher voltage architectures are necessary. Solid state 600VDC (+/- 300VDC) SiC circuit protection is a key piece of the architecture needing to be developed. Currently 600VDC SiC solid state circuit protection has not been demonstrated on military ground vehicles. Requirements needed for high voltage circuit protection: - Operate in -50C to 100C ambient environment (must use 105C coolant inlet if not air-cooled) - Communicate using CAN J1939 for diagnostics, programming, on/off control - Ground fault detection - Arc Flash Protection - Cable interlink protection - Ability to"soft start"high voltage loads by limiting current inrush upon closing the circuit - Circuits are default off when initially powered up - Detect voltage and current on each output - Detect temperature of internal electronics - Meet MIL-STD Environmentals for Electro-Magnetic Interference - Minimum Input is 200kW; Minimum Outputs are 37kW x3, 22kW, 18kW x3, 4kW x5 - Outputs can be ganged in any manner to achieve desired level of circuit protection - Outputs can be programmed to trip below their max capability - MIL-STD-1275D for control bias power - Meet requriements in CHARACTERISTICS OF 600 VOLT DC ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR MILITARY GROUND VEHICLES (available for public release). The expectation is this will be a fully packaged, enclosed design. PHASE I: Develop a proof of concept 600VDC SiC based power protection design that addresses the electrical protection features described above using SiC. A technically feasible solution must be analytically shown via modeling or objectively shown via real hardware in Phase I. PHASE II: Build off phase I by completing electrical, thermal, mechanical, and functional aspects of the 600VDC SiC solid state protection power control solution for demonstration in the VEA Research SIL at TARDEC. Phase II will reach at least TRL 5 and commercial viability will be quantified PHASE III: Final mechanical packaging (accounting for shock and vibration) and integration of the solution into a military ground vehicle utilizing a 600VDC architecture will occur. Commercial Potential: provide commerical hybrid automotive systems with a reliable, high temperature, solid state ciruct protection to better protect and control the loads on their vehicles. Enable better designs for all electric vehicles. REFERENCES: 1. CHARACTERISTICS OF 600 VOLT DC ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS FOR MILITARY GROUND VEHICLES 2. MIL-STD-1275D
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