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Correlation identification and evaluation of new technologies or methodologies to accurately measure inertial movement in a stressing flight environment


OBJECTIVE: This topic seeks to identify and evaluate new technologies that accurately measure inertial movement in a stressing flight environment. Fiber Optical Gryoscope (FOG) technology is currently used to measure inertial movement in many flight hardware applications, but is expensive, relatively large, and has performance limitations in certain environments. The objective of this research is to identify affordable new technologies and assess them for suitability during flight environment (shock, vibration, temperature, pressure/vacuum, etc.). Associated component design considerations of electronics of identified technologies , such as Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA) thickness, materials of construction, numbers of layers, vibration resonance mitigations, or other variables, should be evaluated in concert for each identified technology. DESCRIPTION: Accurate inertial measurement of military flight vehicles is critical for many weapon systems and flight hardware. Many of these vehicles experience stressing environments during their mission. GM has a need for the capability for accurate inertial measurement in a flight environment, including vibration environments to 100 Khz. PHASE I: Identify and assess feasibility of alternate technologies for the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Assess preliminary development of innovative design concepts that utilize these technologies. PHASE II: Develop prototype IMU for proof of concept testing. Develop the software tools, algorithms and a methodology to complete a design(s) and provide a technology demonstration in an environmental test laboratory. Portions of the Phase 2 work may be classified. PHASE III: A successful transition candidate would be evaluated for stability of design and repeatable production. Production representative IMUs would be produced and proven in a laboratory environment. DUAL USE/COMMERCIALIZATION POTENTIAL: The proposal should clearly show that the new IMU technology has benefits to both commercial and defense applications. The projected benefits to reduce cost, improved reliability, improved testability, or improved producibility should be made clear. The demand for highly reliable inertial measurement devices is a multi-million dollar, world-wide market with demands in diverse areas such as: military weapons, aircraft guidance, gaming systems, cellular telephones, and spacecraft applications. Success in this research area should strengthen available reliable IMU hardware for use at MDA, other DoD Agencies, and commercial entities. REFERENCES: 1. Epson IMU melds precision, low-cost; R. Colin Johnson, 6/6/2011,"eetimes". 2. MIL-STD 1540E, Test Requirements for Launch, Upper-Stage and Space Vehicles. TR-2004(8583)-1, Rev A, Released Sept 6, 2006.
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