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Metrics for Measuring Resilience and Criticality of Cyber Assets in Mission Success


OBJECTIVE: Developing cyber security metrics and algorithms for measuring resilience and mission criticality of cyber assets in wired and wireless networks. DESCRIPTION: Cyber assets usually support missions with different priorities, and the objective and systematic measurement of their resilience and criticality may play a major role in mission success. One basic requirement for achieving mission success and mitigating the adverse impact of advanced threats is to measure the defense and resilience effectiveness of individual and collective cyber assets. Therefore, a comprehensive framework of metrics should be developed objectively and systematically for measuring the individual and collaborative resilience and mission criticality of cyber assets by taking mission assurance into consideration in wired and wireless networks. This framework should be modular in nature to account for the impact of different types of advanced threats and vulnerabilities, be reactive to network connectivity failures and new threats, and provide the commander with a status of metrics of interest on resilience and mission assurance. PHASE I: This would develop/leverage a cyber measurement framework and set of metrics that are suitable for measuring resilience and mission criticality of cyber assets in a tactical environment. The investigator will develop algorithms to solve the aforementioned problem of measuring resilience and criticality of cyber assets by taking their individual and collective contribution to the overall mission success in a network environment where cyber assets belong to different command levels and/or multiple missions of different priorities. The Phase I should show the initial concept design of measurement framework as well as modeling key elements of resilience, asset criticality, and mission assurance for various scale of CNDSP operations. An integration design and experimental plan for cyber measurement framework is sought in this phase. This plan identifies necessary performance goals of interest in measuring resilience and criticality of cyber assets for mission success. PHASE II: Execute the Phase I design plan. Develop, test, and validate implementations of top contending algorithms from Phase I. Show progress with initial performance goals and show appropriate milestone to extend these goals to a desirable military operational state. Demonstrate framework in a controlled laboratory environment at a minimum with potential for field demonstration in an existing CNDSP operational networking environment. PHASE III DUAL USE APPLICATIONS - Military: It is intended that these metrics, algorithms, and associated implementations be transitioned to ARCYBER for operational deployment. It is intended that a Phase III is encapsulated in a capstone demonstration at TRL that exceeds TRL 6. - Commercial: The resulting metrics, algorithms, and associated implementations should have wide applicability to commercial network defense and network monitoring organizations or groups. The metrics and algorithms will have great potential use in the R & D community as a research tool.
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