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Ultra-High-Performance Concrete


OBJECTIVE: Develop ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) materials and processes needed to produce large, high-strength test structures. DESCRIPTION: Concrete materials science has experienced a revolutionary advance in terms of the aggregates, matrix, bonding agents, accelerators, plasticizers, and other additives employed to produce high-strength forms and structures capable of withstanding harsh and sometimes extreme environmental conditions. With these new formulations and techniques, compressive strengths exceeding 15,000 psi are realized and strengths in excess of 40,000 psi have been reported. Nanotechnology applications are also an active area of UHPC research and they could result in additional improvements in strength and crack resistance. While the Air Force is interested in UHPC for buildings, command centers, and runways, the role that UHPC might play in protecting potential adversaries and their installations must also be considered. The Air Force"s capability to ground test against realistic targets at our test centers needs to keep pace with UHPC development. We are looking for UHPC formulations and methods that can be readily implemented at our test centers. Although high strength and impact resistance are of primary concern, the ability to use materials that are readily available in the region of test activity is also an important concern. PHASE I: Identify UHPC materials, techniques, and capabilities suitable for use at Air Force test centers. Demonstrate laboratory scale fabrication of test articles with compressive strengths in excess of 30,000 psi. Develop a plan that identifies the hardware, processes, and materials required to construct full size test structures at test centers using local materials. PHASE II: Increase demonstration unit scale sizes and evaluate construction processes. Cylinder and/or core load test scaled and full size units to demonstrate that the desired strength has been obtained. Develop requirements identified in small scale unit testing to allow proceeding to construction of 22"x22"x4"full scale unit. PHASE III: Construct full scale test structures with the desired strength at Air Force test centers. Formulations and techniques developed will have broad commercial application in the construction industry. REFERENCES: 1. HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE STRUCTURAL DESIGNERS"GUIDE & rct=j & q=ultra%20high%20performance%20concrete%20pdf & source=web & cd=1 & ved=0CCcQFjAA & & ei=wQ1eT7f-MImH0QG365ED & usg=AFQjCNHHjMHhLnXhT68DccVcpm5NWIFxhw 2. 3. 4.
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