DoD 2013.1 SBIR Solicitation

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Available Funding Topics

  • N131-001: Innovative approaches to produce narrow, long and curved core passages in large metallic investment castings
  • N131-002: Technologies for the Suppression of Combustion Instability or Screech
  • N131-003: Rapid and Accurate High-Resolution Radar Signature Prediction of Sea Targets
  • N131-004: Automated Target Area Threat and Route Optimization
  • N131-005: Advanced Wireless Maintainer Communications in Electromagnetically Noisy Environments
  • N131-006: Direct Digital Radio Frequency (RF) Conversion Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM)
  • N131-007: High Gain Common Data Link (CDL) Antennas for Networking UAV Nodes
  • N131-008: Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Acceleration for Cosite Interference Prediction Tools
  • N131-009: Low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) wideband Digital Receiver Exciters (DREX) technologies for Radar and Communication Systems
  • N131-010: Optical Inertial Reference Unit for Navy Tactical Airborne High Energy Laser (HEL) Applications
  • N131-011: Energy Harvesting, Wireless Structural Health Monitoring System for Helicopter Rotors
  • N131-012: Earplug-Integrated Miniature Wireless Sensors for Warfighter Monitoring and Earplug Evaluations
  • N131-013: Detection and Evaluation of Incipient Composite Heat Damage
  • N131-014: Efficient Cargo and Personnel Handling System
  • N131-015: Fiber Optic Bi-Directional Amplifying Repeater
  • N131-016: Life Improvement of Plain Airframe Bearings by Preventing Contamination
  • N131-017: Polarization insensitive diffraction grating for Navy tactical airborne high energy lasers (HEL) applications
  • N131-018: Decoupled Rendering Channels to Reduce Logistical Support Spares Requirements of Large Scale Training Centers
  • N131-019: Non-Mechanically Moving Solar Directing System for Photovoltaic Modules
  • N131-020: High Energy and Power Density Electrical Energy Storage Device
  • N131-021: Underwater Directional Bore Tracker
  • N131-022: Craft Hull Impact and Abrasion Resistance
  • N131-023: Heaters for Electron Guns
  • N131-024: Three Dimensional Ship Modeling for Submarine Combat Systems
  • N131-025: Real-Time External Sensor Probe that is Deployed from an Underwater Vehicle
  • N131-026: Life of Ship Flexhose
  • N131-027: Ocean Sensor Interface Simulation for Integration Testing
  • N131-028: Thermal Management Improvements for Transmit/Receive Modules
  • N131-029: Anti-Jamming Capability for RT-1944/U Radio
  • N131-030: Multi-Static Processing Using Sonobuoys as Opportunistic Receivers
  • N131-031: New Radar/EW Transmit/Receiver Modules and Assemblies Technologies
  • N131-032: Low Noise Torpedo Power Supply
  • N131-033: Submarine Radar Vulnerability Reduction
  • N131-034: Improved Anti-Corrosion Coatings for Undersea Cable Connectors
  • N131-035: Anticorrosion Solution for Remote Minehunting System (RMS) Tow Cable
  • N131-036: Automated Generation of Electronic Warfare Libraries
  • N131-037: Innovative Algorithms for the Categorization of Mine-Like Objects Using Standard Sonar Return Data
  • N131-038: Shipboard Software Deployment Tools for Complex Heterogeneous Systems
  • N131-039: Aerostat Communications Relay from Unmanned Surface Vehicle
  • N131-040: Affordable Point of Use Conversion (PUC) Module for 400Hz Power System Applications
  • N131-041: Semi-Autonomous, Reliable, Safe Recovery of the Remote Multi-Mission Vehicle (RMMV) in Various Sea States
  • N131-042: Multi-Function Mid-wave/Long Wave Infrared Laser
  • N131-043: Autonomous Classification of Acoustic Signals
  • N131-044: Mission Planning Application for Submarine Operations and Risk Management
  • N131-045: Mitigation of Biologically Induced Active Sonar Reverberation in Littoral Regions
  • N131-046: Maritime Dynamic Atmospheric Characterization for Naval Laser Weapons System
  • N131-047: Improved Detection, Localization, and Classification of Torpedoes
  • N131-048: Technologies to Aid Real-Time Training, Evaluation of Student Performance, and Capture of Performance Metrics
  • N131-049: High Power Solid State Amplifiers
  • N131-050: LFA and CFLA Acoustic Sensors
  • N131-051: Shock Tolerant, Solid State, Submersible Emergency Transmitter
  • N131-052: Development of Algorithms for Characterizing Interleaved Emitter Pulse Trains with Complex Modulations
  • N131-053: Sprint Speed Capability for an Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Training Target
  • N131-054: Advanced Shipboard Mission Payload Handling System
  • N131-055: Airborne Contact Cueing for Panoramic Imagers
  • N131-056: Advanced Tactical Missile Radomes
  • N131-057: Solid-State Modulator Replacement of Tube-based Modulators
  • N131-058: High Pressure Diver Breathing Gas Supply System
  • N131-059: Very Wide Bandwidth Radar/EW Components and Characterization
  • N131-060: Subsea Long Haul Optical Transponder
  • N131-061: Improving Software Efficiency: Automated Program Transformation for Reclaiming Execution Efficiency (APTREE)
  • N131-062: Advancing the State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence for Simulation Training
  • N131-063: Crowdsourcing as a Map Reduce Job
  • N131-064: Thermal Batteries: Low Size, Weight and Power 4K Cryocooler
  • N131-065: Automating Unmanned and Manned Sensor Performance in Demanding Tactical Environments
  • N131-066: Electromagnetic-Attack-Resistant Electro-Optic Modulator
  • N131-067: Bio-fuel Reforming for High-Efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generators
  • N131-068: Materials Development of Periodically Oriented Gallium Nitride (PO-GaN)
  • N131-069: Electric Tail Rotor Drive
  • N131-070: Check Range Sensor Pod
  • N131-071: Dense Core Ablative Nosetip Materials for Hypersonic Applications
  • N131-072: Cost Reduction Technologies for High-Temperature Ceramic-Matrix Composite (CMC) Components
  • N131-073: Breakthrough Lightweight Transparent Armor Technologies
  • N131-074: Compact Laser System for Airborne Detection of Ocean Mines
  • N131-075: Automated Generation/Learning of Discrete Event Simulation Models
  • N131-076: Advanced Adaptive Optics (AO) for Laser Weapons in Heavy Turbulence
  • N131-077: Motion-induced Human Performance Degradation Assessment
  • N131-078: Next Generation Electronic Support Measures Trainer for Submarines
  • N131-079: Compact Off-board Passive Target-Discriminator
  • N131-080: Frequency Agile Millimeter Wave (MMW) Signal Generator
  • N131-081: Membrane-Based Deformable Mirrors for High Power Laser Systems
  • N131-082: Unmanned Aerial System Operator Selection Tools
  • N131-083: Multiple Spectral Band Laser

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