DoD 2013.1 SBIR Solicitation

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Available Funding Topics

  • A13-001: Rear Hemisphere Tail-Rotor Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned & Manned Rotorcraft
  • A13-002: Durable, CMAS resistant, thermal/environmental barrier coatings for metallic and CMC hot section components of gas turbine engines
  • A13-003: Effective Processes to Manufacture Advanced Combustion Liners with Shaped Film Cooling Holes for Gas Turbine Engines
  • A13-004: Surface Mesh Refinement Guide Tool for Computational Fluid Dynamics Applications
  • A13-005: Short Duration, High Altitude, Mixed Continuum/Non-Continuum Flowfield
  • A13-006: Afterburning Missile Base Flow Modeling and Analyses
  • A13-007: Automated trace gas molecular analyzer using rotational spectroscopy
  • A13-008: All-solid-state Hybrid Energy Storage System (Battery-Ultracapacitor)
  • A13-009: Super-black Metallic Surfaces
  • A13-010: Development of Ductile, Bulk Tungsten for Next Generation Munitions and Warheads
  • A13-011: Advanced hybrid graphitic materials for enhanced energetic applications
  • A13-012: Novel Control Technologies for Guidance of High-Spin Stabilized Munitions
  • A13-013: Low Energy Consumption Compact Control Actuation Systems for Precision Guided Artillery and Mortar Munitions
  • A13-014: Tactical Wireless Ground Sensor Network Deployment and Maintenance System
  • A13-015: Skin Attached Traumatic Brain Injury Sensing System
  • A13-016: Identification of Material Damage Precursors using novel Nondestructive Evaluation and/or Structural Health Monitoring Hardware
  • A13-017: Secondary Processing Development and Prototyping of Cast Single-Piece Vehicle Underbody Structure
  • A13-018: Development of linear/non-linear radar system
  • A13-019: Determination of Terrain Ponding for Logistics Emplacement and Planning
  • A13-020: Nano-Inspired Broadband Photovoltaics Sheets
  • A13-021: Non-linear Dynamic Energy Altering Technologies for Body Armor Applications
  • A13-022: Survivability Improvements for Transmission Loss-of-Lubrication
  • A13-023: Wireless Sensor to Monitor Generator Control Unit and Main Power Relay Health
  • A13-024: Advanced High Speed Overrunning Clutch for Rotorcraft Transmissions
  • A13-025: Wearable Sensor System for Monitoring Soldier Body Dynamics
  • A13-026: Wide Field-of-View Imaging System with Active Mitigation of Turbulence Effects for Tactical Applications
  • A13-027: Vehicle Spacing Determination and Display In Low Visibility Conditions
  • A13-028: Advanced Spectrum Monitoring
  • A13-029: Optimization of Real Time Image Processing Techniques for Low Power Soldier and Unattended Ground Sensors
  • A13-030: Data Disassembler/Reassembler
  • A13-031: Enabling Dynamic Initialization Products
  • A13-032: Common Software Foundation
  • A13-033: An Ad-hoc Network of Smartphones with RF Ranging Capability
  • A13-034: Tactical Network Configuration (NETCONF)
  • A13-035: Improving Battlefield System Usability
  • A13-036: Vehicle Mounted LIDAR Standoff Roadside Hazard Detection
  • A13-037: Compact Full-Framing Hyperspectral Sensor for On-The-Move Ground-to-Ground Applications
  • A13-038: Intelligence Requirements Management (IRM)
  • A13-039: Amplifier Linearization Module
  • A13-040: Electro-Optically Guided Radar Imaging
  • A13-041: Signal Recognition and Management Band Pass Filter (BPF) Devices
  • A13-042: Improved performance of small pixel infrared detector focal plane arrays via in situ mesa sidewall characterization.
  • A13-043: Ordered Packing and Efficient Aerosolization of Anisotropic Particles
  • A13-044: Development of advance obscurants materials using synthesis of metallic hollow nanoparticles
  • A13-045: Battle Fuel Conditioner (BFC) for Commercial Gas Appliances in Field Kitchens
  • A13-046: Self Contained/Self Powering Solutions for Protective Eyewear Employing Active Lens Technologies
  • A13-047: Novel Textile for Use on Low Cost Parachutes Employing Trigger Technology to Rapidly Degrade
  • A13-048: Non-toxic Insect-resistant Textiles for Military Clothing and Equipment
  • A13-049: Innovative Technologies for Miniaturized Affordable Battlefield Hardened Proximity Sensor
  • A13-050: Miniature Actuator Controls for 40mm Guided and Surveillance Projectiles
  • A13-051: Intelligent Charge Control System w/Anti-Idle to Minimize Fuel Consumption
  • A13-052: Modeling of Complex Environment for Unmanned Ground Vehicles Performance Evaluations
  • A13-053: High Bandwidth, Compact, Wireless, Millimeter Wave Intra-Missile Datalink
  • A13-054: Advanced Warhead Design
  • A13-055: Advanced Waveform Design and Signal Processing
  • A13-056: Urban Computer Generated Forces (CGF) Models
  • A13-057: Tactical Engagement Simulation System (TESS) Improved Laser Encoding and Decoding
  • A13-058: Non-Lethal Munitions for Defeating Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)
  • A13-059: Innovative Technology for Secure Cloud Computing
  • A13-060: Portable Fuel Analyzer
  • A13-061: Develop Efficient/Leak Proof M1 Abrams Plenum Seal
  • A13-062: Stand Alone Sensor for Air Bag and Restraint System Activation in An Underbody Blast Event
  • A13-063: Dual-Function 3D Fiber-Reinforced Transparent Material for Ballistic Protection and Shock Attenuation
  • A13-064: Hands Free Automatic Coupling Restraint System
  • A13-065: Encapsulated Air Energy Absorbing Flooring
  • A13-066: Supplemental External Expendable Radiator (SEER)
  • A13-067: Fuel Efficient Military Tire
  • A13-068: Advanced Human Robot Interaction to create Human-Robot Teams
  • A13-069: Friction Material (brake pads) for Metal Matrix Drums

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