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Miniature Actuator Controls for 40mm Guided and Surveillance Projectiles


OBJECTIVE: Design and develop an innovative control and surveillance system for the 40mm guided extended flight surveillance projectile with precision engagement of varying targets out to 1,000 meters, and provide real time target data back to the weapon operator. DESCRIPTION: This innovative technology will provide increased range (up to 1000 meters) for the current low velocity 40mm projectile fired from the M320 weapon, guided for precision engagement of the target. The Squad will be able to select and/or change the target as the projectile travels, and transmit target information to Command and Control assets for situational awareness. This topic will develop a miniature (20g and 35mm diameter or less) actuation and surveillance system(s) with algorithms in-place to control the projectile. Miniature actuators need to fit on the 40mm and survive the following conditions: 4000 psi, 22,000gs; and have low cost (as compared to existing 40mm fuzing), low power consumption, and rapid (fraction of a second) response time. The current 40mm airframe(s) have the following specifications: Length = 6 +/- 1/2 inches Weight = 178 +/- 10 grams Diameter = not to exceed 39.9 mm Muzzle velocity = 78m/s Previous efforts (e.g. the DARPA SCORPION program - see references) have investigated technologies at limited ranges (up to 200 meters) for specific conditions (i.e. targets in defalade) and do not include a surveillance capability. This effort will investigate technologies that will satisfy all known target conditions (i.e. exposed or in defalade, moving or stationary, etc), include surveillance and be affordable for mass production. PHASE I: Develop a model and provide drawings, aerodynamic analysis of functioning on the improved 40mm projectile, and create a flight dynamics model. Deliver an engineering analysis that defines the proposed technologies and the technical risks associated. Note: Technical drawings and flight characteristics of the existing 40mm projectile will be provided to the selected companies after contract award. PHASE II: Develop a prototype control and surveillance system with algorithm incorporated and demonstrate pre-programmed maneuvers. Also deliver an engineering analysis that defines the integration concept into existing and planned future ammunition as applicable, including estimated production unit costs. PHASE III: This effort, if successful, will feed into a planned FY16 start EMD program for extended range precision 40mm ammunition. There is also a need in private industry for these Miniature actuator controls on all types of machinery and micro devices being developed. Commercial use includes machinery requiring small actuation systems, private micro-aircraft usage, and actuators for space vehicles/satellites. REFERENCES: 1) W. Davis, Jr., et al.,"Micro Air Vehicles for Optical Surveillance,"The Lincoln Laboratory Journal". 2) Hamburg, Shanti,"Conceptual Design of a Stowable Ruggedized Micro Aerial Vehicle", Masters Thesis, Aerospace Engineering, University of West Virginia, 2010. 3) Green, William E.,"A Multimodal Micro Air Vehicle for Autonomous Flight in Near-Earth Environments, Drexel University, 2007. 4) Lovas, Andre, et al,"DARPA SCORPION Program Transition to Army Lethality ATO Program: A Success Story", undated
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