DoD 2013.1 SBIR Solicitation

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Available Funding Topics

  • AF131-001: Conformal Antenna Technology for Improved Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • AF131-002: Aerospace Systems Efficiency Improvements for Legacy Aircraft
  • AF131-003: Evaluation of Unsteady Loading on Store Trajectories
  • AF131-004: Aerodynamic Analysis of Deployed Bay Doors on Modern High-Speed Aircraft
  • AF131-005: Innovative Propeller Multi-Point Multi-Disciplinary Optimization
  • AF131-006: System of Systems (SoS) Certification Techniques
  • AF131-007: Strain Measurement System for Operation in Extreme Environments
  • AF131-008: Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Postern Sense and Avoid (SAA)
  • AF131-009: Low-Observable Heat Rejection from Aircraft
  • AF131-010: Transient Electromagnetic Simulator for EMP Survivability Analysis of Packaged Electronic Systems
  • AF131-011: Fiber Optic Amplifier Pump Combiners with Signal Feed Throughput
  • AF131-012: Novel Phased Array Beam Director Development
  • AF131-013: Fiber Interface Thermal Management
  • AF131-014: Aimpoint Maintenance of Ground Targets by Airborne Laser Systems
  • AF131-017: Color Ultrahigh Definition Microdisplay (CUDM)
  • AF131-018: Digital Multispectral Binocular System (DMBS)
  • AF131-019: Integrated Collaborative Mission Planning, Briefing and Debriefing Tools for Crews and Teams in LVC Operations
  • AF131-020: Curved Waveguide Visor Display (CWVD)
  • AF131-021: Vision Processor for Helmet System (VPHS)
  • AF131-023: Holographic Video Display (HVD)
  • AF131-024: Portable Sensor for Detecting Airborne Nanomaterials in an Operational Environment
  • AF131-025: Game-Based Tactical Training and Rehearsal Environment for Next Generation Multirole Fighters
  • AF131-026: Common Readiness Assessment and Performance Tracking, and Warehousing System for Day-to-Day LVC Training and Operations
  • AF131-027: Retrofittable Tactical Head Up Display (RTHUD)
  • AF131-028: A Text-Chat Based Natural Language Interface Toolkit
  • AF131-029: Efficient Model Posing and Morphing Software
  • AF131-030: Volatile Organic Compound Odor Signature Modeling
  • AF131-031: Derivation of Physiologic, Neurophysiologic, and Behavioral Indices to Support Real-time Assessment and Augmentation of Team Performance within the Cyber Domain
  • AF131-033: Cloud Based Secure Handhelds for Missions requiring Mobility
  • AF131-034: Proximity-Based Access Control
  • AF131-036: Militarized Airborne Very Low Frequency (VLF) Receive Antenna
  • AF131-038: Validation of Automatic Ground Moving Target Indicator Exploitation Algorithms
  • AF131-039: Geographically-Aware and Targeted Secure Information Dissemination (GATSID)
  • AF131-041: Low-power-cost-weight, rapidly-Installable, Medium-Range Interplane Communications Capability (LIMRICC)
  • AF131-044: Dual-band low-profile antennas for intra-flight communication and data links
  • AF131-045: Ground Based Sensor for measurement of V and W band satellite link propagation channel
  • AF131-046: V/W Band Airborne Receive Antenna
  • AF131-047: Secure Cloud Computing Environment for Infrared (IR) Data
  • AF131-048: Channel and Interference adaptive SATCOM Digital beam-former
  • AF131-049: New wavefroms for anti-jam satellite communications
  • AF131-050: SATCOM Wideband digital channel analyzer
  • AF131-051: Conflicting, Suspicious, and Inconsistent Information Detection (CSI-Info)
  • AF131-052: Cross Domain Dissemination
  • AF131-054: Presentation and Management of Blue Force Capabilities
  • AF131-055: End-to-End Network Trust
  • AF131-057: Automated Analog Electronics Design Tools for Obsolete Parts
  • AF131-060: W and V Band Satellite Transceiver
  • AF131-061: W and V band Airborne SATCOM Transceiver
  • AF131-062: Cooperative Networked GPS signal acquisition
  • AF131-063: GPS-denied Positioning using Networked communications
  • AF131-064: RF Radio Communications Module for Secure GPS/GNSS-based Communications Navigations Applications
  • AF131-065: Integrated Fast-light Micro-inertial Sensors for GPS Denied Navigation
  • AF131-066: Multiband Metasurface for Reduced Antenna Footprint and Jamming Mitigation
  • AF131-067: Software-Only Front-End Processors for Satellite Command and Control
  • AF131-068: Retrieving Cloud Ice Water, Cloud Liquid Water, and other Cloud Parameters from GPS Radio Occultation and Satellite Microwave Imager/Sounder in Heavy Precipitation
  • AF131-069: AFSCN Mission Planning and scheduling tool
  • AF131-070: High Compression of Infrared (IR) Data
  • AF131-071: Space-based, Low-weight, Low-volume MWIR and SWIR Interferometer IR Sensor
  • AF131-072: Game-Theory Enabled Radio Spectrum Management and Waveform Adaptation for Advanced Wideband Satellite Communications
  • AF131-073: Radiation Hardened Low Power Variable Bandwidth/Resolution Sigma Delta Converters
  • AF131-074: Ultra-efficient Thermoelectric Cooling Module for Satellite Thermal Management
  • AF131-075: Hosted Payload Support Technologies
  • AF131-076: Improved Estimation Approaches for High-Accuracy Satellite Detection, Tracking, Identification and Characterization
  • AF131-077: High Performance Separable Thermal Mechanical Interface for Electronics
  • AF131-078: Assured Space Sensor Operation in Harsh Electromagnetic/RF Environment
  • AF131-079: Ka-band Satellite Phased Array Antenna
  • AF131-080: Architecture Model for Decision Makers to Better Understand Complex Systems
  • AF131-081: GPS Awareness Enabling Algorithms for Theater and Space Environment
  • AF131-082: Radiation Hardened Carbon Nanotube-based Nonvolatile Memory
  • AF131-083: Low Temperature Solid State Refrigeration
  • AF131-092: On-Board Autonomy for Decreased Satellite Response Time
  • AF131-093: Small Cryogenic Refrigerator for Single FPA Dewars
  • AF131-094: Characterizing the Impact of Ionospheric Wave Structures on Coordinate Registration
  • AF131-095: Development of Space Platform Local Area Sensors and Data Processing & Fusion Algorithms for Threat Detection, Indication, Tracking, and Characterization
  • AF131-098: Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) Test Capabilities for Imaging Sensors
  • AF131-099: Multi-aperture Sensors for High Speed Weapon Applications
  • AF131-101: Wide-Field-of-View (WFOV) Multiwaveband Multimode Seeker Technology
  • AF131-102: Communication-Embedded RF Seeker
  • AF131-103: Kilogram-Scale Production of Air-Stable Nano-Scale Energetic Core-Shell Clusters
  • AF131-104: Fuel-Air Explosive Technologies from Dual-Use Materials
  • AF131-105: Remote Interrogator for Munition Recorder Instrument Packages (RIMRIP)
  • AF131-108: Lightweight Electromagnetically Immune Wire and Composite Conduit
  • AF131-109: Selective Radio Frequency Shielding
  • AF131-110: Electromagnetic Hardened Composite Enclosures for Aircraft Systems
  • AF131-111: Cold Temperature Hydraulic Seals for Aerospace Hydraulic Systems
  • AF131-112: Alternate Faceplate Materials for Improving Image Intensifier Tube Performance
  • AF131-113: Radio Frequency (RF) Traveling Wave Inspection Tool
  • AF131-114: Automated aircraft inlet coating
  • AF131-115: Nondestructive Evaluation of Thick Outer Mold Line Paints and Coatings
  • AF131-116: Decision-Support Technologies for Weapon System Sustainment Processes and Life Cycle Investment
  • AF131-118: Innovative Methodology for Composite Structure Allowables and Analytical Validation
  • AF131-119: Robust Methods for the Measurement of Bulk Residual Stress
  • AF131-120: Hand-Held Fastener Surface Measurement
  • AF131-121: Mitigating Sensor Saturation through Image Processing Techniques
  • AF131-122: Modeling and Simulation of Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Processes
  • AF131-123: Encapsulation Approaches for Flexible Solar Panels, Displays, and Antennas
  • AF131-124: Methods to rapidly optimize materials for Additive Manufacturing processes
  • AF131-126: Development of Self-Healing Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Repaired Aluminum Components Following Dimensional Restoration
  • AF131-128: Development of an Onboard Video Processing Platform for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS)
  • AF131-129: Non-Mechanically Steered 3D Imaging LADAR
  • AF131-130: New Radar Exploitation Methods for Combat Identification
  • AF131-131: Group 4-5 UAS integration of terminal area sensors & operations in the terminal area for Airborne Sense and Avoid
  • AF131-132: Real-Time Sensor Data Processing and Compression Performed On-board Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  • AF131-133: Long-distance 3-D Reconstruction from EO/IR Imagery
  • AF131-135: Fully Adaptive Radar
  • AF131-136: Manpack antenna for Advanced MIL SATCOM
  • AF131-137: Very Low Frequency Receiver front end with high sensitivity and frequency selectivity
  • AF131-138: Lightweight AEHF Modem for Manpack
  • AF131-139: GMTI Data Exploitation for SWAP Limited Radar Systems
  • AF131-140: Advanced Dual Band Apertures for improved early warning and space situational awareness missions
  • AF131-141: Antenna Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • AF131-142: Packaging High Power Photodetectors for 100 MHz to 100 GHz RF Photonic Applications
  • AF131-143: Computational Electromagnetics for a Systematic Security Evaluation and Countermeasure of Electromagnetic Analysis (EMA) on Electronic Security Devices
  • AF131-144: Low Power Multi-Channel RF and Digital GPS Anti-Jam ASIC
  • AF131-145: Light Weight High Gain High Data Rate Launch Vehicle Antenna
  • AF131-146: Space based Hyper-Spectral Imaging Sensor
  • AF131-147: Affordable Sub-array for TT & C Phased Array Antennas
  • AF131-148: Low cost Diplexer for High performance phased array antenna
  • AF131-149: GNSS Antenna Arrays for Situational Awareness
  • AF131-150: Coherent Imaging Laser Source
  • AF131-151: Speedy Sparse Bundle Adjustment for Video/Image Sequences
  • AF131-152: Low Noise Photonic Oscillator in Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) Band
  • AF131-153: Precise Estimation of Geo-location Uncertainty
  • AF131-158: Cetane Sensor for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) Propulsion Systems that Operate on Heavy Fuel
  • AF131-159: Innovative Hybrid Power System for Increased Endurance Rapid Response Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS)
  • AF131-160: Advanced Propulsion and Power Concepts for Large Size Class Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
  • AF131-161: Improved Reaction Models for Petroleum and Alternative JP-5/8 Fuels
  • AF131-162: Improved Fidelity Predictions for Resonant Stress in Turbine Components
  • AF131-163: Bearing Analytical Software Development and Validation
  • AF131-164: Real-time Tactical Aircraft Fuel Ullage Oxygen Sensor System for Inerting Operations
  • AF131-165: Aircraft Energy Management
  • AF131-166: Scalable, Wide Bandgap Integrated Circuit Technology for Wide Temperature, Harsh Environment Applications
  • AF131-167: Thermal Interface Materials for Power System Components
  • AF131-168: Rotary Electromechanical Actuator for Next-Generation Thin-Wing Aircraft Flight Control
  • AF131-169: Robust Cryogenic Compatible Turbo-machinery and Liquid Rocket Engine coatings
  • AF131-170: Compact High Current Molecular Atomic Particle Beam Generator
  • AF131-171: Hypersonic Propulsion: Enhancing Endothermic Fuel Technology
  • AF131-172: Frequency Domain-based Electrical Accumulator Unit (EAU)
  • AF131-173: Combustion Enhancement of Liquid Fuels via Nanoparticle Additions
  • AF131-174: Enhanced Multi-wall High Pressure Turbine Blade Architecture
  • AF131-175: Micro Airborne Relay Technology
  • AF131-176: Reusable Extended Artificial Light Source
  • AF131-177: Angle of Incidence (AOI) Measurement Capability
  • AF131-180: Directed Energy Wind Tunnel Test Methodology
  • AF131-181: Computational Modeling of Coupled Acoustic and Combustion Phenomena Inherent to Gas Turbine Engines
  • AF131-182: Non-Fluid Refrigeration Technology for Cooling Infrared Focal Planes and Other System Components below 50 K in Cryo-Vacuum Test Chambers
  • AF131-185: Compact Multi-spectral Scene Projector Technology
  • AF131-188: Gas Turbine Engine Particle Emission Characterization
  • AF131-189: Wind Tunnel High Temperature Heater Element
  • AF131-190: Dimensional Restoration of Aircraft Components Damaged by Corrosion
  • AF131-191: Image Quality Indicator(s) and Software for Computed Radiography (CR)
  • AF131-192: Corrosion Identification, Removal and Cleaning of Galvanic Couples in Difficult to Access Areas
  • AF131-193: Composite Calibration Standards Kit for Calibration of Multiple Equipment in the AF Inventory Used for Composite Nondestructive Inspection (NDI)
  • AF131-196: Landing Gear Strut Operational Readiness Monitoring
  • AF131-197: Advanced OSHA Compliant Blast Cleaning Rooms (No Blast/HM Residue Migration Outside Blast Cleaning Room)
  • AF131-198: Find substitute for Methylene Chloride in depaint operations at Hill AFB
  • AF131-199: Blast Booth Noise Reduction - An OSHA Compliance Issue
  • AF131-202: Surface Treatments for Stainless Steel Actuators
  • AF131-203: High-Efficient Liquid Desiccant and Chloride Removal for Corrosion Mitigation and Control
  • AF131-204: Aircraft Maintenance Management to Unanticipated Failure Events
  • AF131-206: Networked Sensor Systems for Aircraft Maintenance

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