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Integrated Collaborative Mission Planning, Briefing and Debriefing Tools for Crews and Teams in LVC Operations


OBJECTIVE: To develop an integrated mission planning and analysis briefing and debriefing capability to improve operational training and rehearsal for teams and crews. DESCRIPTION: This effort will develop a high fidelity and distributed mission planning, briefing and debriefing toolset for Live, Virtual and Constructive operations (LVC Ops). Most planning and evaluation systems currently in use rely on a significant human-in-the-loop component for developing the planning, for distributing planning and interactive mission developments, and for integrating a variety of after-action information for debriefing. To date, this manual process has not benefited from technological developments in on-line meeting management, collaborative tools for distributed team interaction and performance, and advances in digital performance measurement and data integration for mission evaluation and assessment. This severely limits the Warfighters"capability to modify and distribute mission data from Distributed Mission Training and live operational training events to all parties and players for instructional and research purposes. Considerable individual and team data, derived from the interaction and sharing of information, has been lost due to present limited online management capabilities. As we move into more distributed contexts, there is an increasing need to fully develop and exploit a range of hardware and software tools and technologies to manage on-line planning, training and evaluation activities. Such tools and technologies need to support instructional richness while also being operationally valid to facilitate mission planning and analysis in both training and operational contexts. Ultimately, this effort will demonstrate a fully distributed and electronically managed digital mission recording and playback capability for briefing and debriefing in crew and team mission areas. This effort also will provide an operational test-bed in which to explore collaborative, electronically-managed high-fidelity digital distribution of mission planning and mission outcome data to disparate locations. In addition, this effort will provide a means for the development of new electronic methods for structuring and visualizing the mission orientation and instructional quality of the mission planning, briefing and debriefing process for aircrews and more broadly battlestaff planners. Finally, this effort will directly evaluate the effectiveness of embedded collaboration and management methods, as well as on-line instructional strategies and decision support tools, within a crew briefing and debriefing context. PHASE I: Develop specification of critical features & capabilities for local and long-haul collaborative briefing/debriefing for crews/teams. Identify & evaluate diverse approaches for managing collaborative mission planning, briefing, and debriefing. Based on evaluations develop proof-of-concept environment of key features and capabilities for usability evaluation prior to full development in Phase II. PHASE II: Fully develop, refine, test and evaluate requirements for electronically managed mission planning, analysis & evaluation capability for local/non-co-located crews/teams. Include demo of integrated brief/debrief system with embedded mission planning, instructional features, and info management capabilities. Provide comparative data on training effectiveness and mission readiness enhancement prior to and after the implementation of the system in an operational AF context. PHASE III: The tools and techniques have broad applicability to the commercial airlines community as a means of evaluating and assessing routing changes and flight planning modifications. The event management and collaboration tools to be developed will be of considerable interest to private sector business. REFERENCES: 1. Defense Modeling and Simulation Office homepage: 2. Distributed interactive simulation systems for simulation and training in the aerospace environment. Proceedings of the Conference, Orlando, Fl, Apr 19-20, 1995. Clarke, T. L., ED. Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (Critical Reviews of Optical Science and Technology, vol. CR 58) 338p.
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