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Secure Cloud Computing Environment for Infrared (IR) Data


OBJECTIVE: Develop a cloud computing architecture that can transport infrared data securely and in compliance with DoD standards [1]. DESCRIPTION: The Tech need is for ISR data gathered by space-based IR sensors to be made available to the warfighter using the Secure Cloud. While Infrared (IR) space surveillance data is typically massive, it must reach Warfighters in the field via a very narrow (56k) communication channel. Two known ways to reduce the data volume are implementing IR data compression and requiring that the Warfighter select a more focused area of interest. The first of these, compression of the IR data, could be implemented on a server at the data downlink side. However, such a point to point solution would decrease the system's resiliency against attack. A cloud (community) computing [2] approach could solve the data compression challenge while simultaneously increasing the system"s resiliency. Furthermore, applying this"cloud computing concept"to the storage, processing, and management of IR data could facilitate increased future sharing of IR data across the larger user community, opening the door to more innovative user-developed applications, processes, and capabilities aimed at satisfying a wide variety of user need and requirements. Each eligible user could be given their own customizable web environment and allowed to develop custom applications and personalize their interface to meet their unique requirements. For instance, a Google Maps-like user interface familiar to any Internet user could be adapted for the presentation of Geospatial IR data through the use of a Google Maps Application Programming Interface (API) [4], and the benefits of such a capability could be easily shared with others throughout the larger community. The moderators of the"cloud centric"community could then adopt the best of these user developed applications and tools, enhance them by incorporating additional capabilities, and deploy them as standards and templates across the enterprise.0 This solicitation seeks the development of an innovative cloud computing architecture for IR data that is secure [3] according to DoD standards [1]. The architecture must have the following characteristics: 1. IR data specific compression 2. Feedback loop from Warfighter for selection of data 3. Support current fielded Warfighter equipment 4. 95% availability 5. No disruption in service when switching service provider. Temporally downgraded performance is acceptable Example IR target data can be supplied by SMC/ISR. Note: No foreign nationals can work on this project. PHASE I: The Phase I work will develop the concepts for the Cloud computing environment for processing of space-based IR data and will examine feasibility of the concepts. PHASE II: Phase II should include fabrication of a representative prototype to demonstrate the performance, security, feasibility, availability analysis, and non disruption feasibility of the concept. PHASE III: Military application: Secure cloud computing environment for use by any DoD organization; can be for a wide variety of data types. Commercial application: Secure cloud computing environment for commercial application to organizations such as communications or financial firms. REFERENCES: 1. 2. NIST Special Publication 800-146, Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations, May 2011, 3. Cloud Security Alliance publication, Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing, November 14, 2011, 3.0.pdf. 4.
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