DoD 2013.2 SBIR Solicitation

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Available Funding Topics

  • N132-084: Human Surrogate Test Target
  • N132-085: Aqueous Based Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
  • N132-086: Prime Power System Development for Active Denial Technology (ADT) and High-Power Radio-Frequency (RF) Systems
  • N132-087: Compact Radar Antenna
  • N132-088: Integrated Oil Condition Monitor and Debris Sensing System
  • N132-089: Simultaneous multi-beam high-bandwidth conformal tactical data link antenna systems
  • N132-090: Atmospheric Environmental Metrology for Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) Sensor Flight Test
  • N132-091: Improved Electronics Maintenance through Tester Prognostics
  • N132-092: Innovative Method for Determining the Vorticity Confinement Term for Rotorcraft Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Computations
  • N132-093: Mask-on Hypoxia Training Device
  • N132-094: Jam-Resistant Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) Deeply-Coupled Navigation System
  • N132-095: Gallium Nitride Based Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Technology for High Altitude Periscope Detection
  • N132-096: Innovative Data Anomaly Detection and Transformation for Analysis Applications
  • N132-097: Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) for recrystallized grains in single crystal superalloys
  • N132-098: Ultra-Broadband, High Dynamic Range Receiver System
  • N132-099: Automatic Analysis of Legacy Software for Implementation within a Multi-thread, Multi-core Processor System
  • N132-100: Absorption and/or Scattering of Light by Small Particles
  • N132-101: Thick Composite Crack Analysis
  • N132-102: Modeling of interior nozzle flows for transient effects, realistic high performance nozzle physics and coupling to Large Eddy Simulation modeling of the jet plumes
  • N132-103: Advanced Wheel Bearing for High Acceleration and Deceleration Applications
  • N132-104: Exploiting Small Boat Wake Signatures for Improved Threat Classification and Feature Aided Tracking
  • N132-105: Plateau Burning Composite Propellant with Minimized Temperature Sensitivity
  • N132-106: High-Power 3 Micron Fiber Based Laser System
  • N132-107: Radar Imaging Guidance
  • N132-108: Automated Method for Developing Concept Level Cooling Distribution Systems
  • N132-109: Development of Environmental Models for Surface Radar Training Systems
  • N132-110: Electro-Optic and Infrared Situational Awareness Display
  • N132-111: Alternative Power Supply for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems
  • N132-112: Ship Energy Use Monitoring and Analysis
  • N132-114: Advanced Fiber Optic and Electrical Cable Diagnostics
  • N132-115: Android Security Toolkit
  • N132-116: High Performance, Low Phase Noise Semiconductor Lasers
  • N132-117: Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Tow Point Surge Reduction for Towed Body Stabilization
  • N132-118: Electronic Circuit Anti-Tamper Conformal Coating
  • N132-119: Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) Software to Accelerate Underwater Acoustic Autonomous Modeling and Processing
  • N132-120: Advanced Littoral Combat Ship Common Mission Module Handling Device
  • N132-121: Aerodynamic Dome Manufacturing Cost Reduction
  • N132-122: High Precision Conformal Sensor Window
  • N132-123: Infrared-Transparent Electromagnetic Shield
  • N132-124: Corrective Optics Manufacturing for Aerodynamic Infrared Domes and Conformal Sensor Windows
  • N132-125: Spinel Reconnaissance Window
  • N132-126: Modeling of Strong Vortex Interactions
  • N132-127: Compact, Lossless, Ruggedized, Electromagnetically Shielded Connectors for Power and Signals
  • N132-128: Concept Maps from RDF (Resource Description Framework)
  • N132-129: Compact, Repetitive Pulsed Power Driver Design for Emerging High Power Radio Frequency Sources
  • N132-130: Rapid Synthetic Environment Tool for Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2)
  • N132-131: Scalable, Secure Associative Database
  • N132-132: Cognitive Modeling for Cyber Defense
  • N132-133: Advanced Helo Display for Zero-Zero Shipboard Landings
  • N132-134: High Power Radio Frequency (HPRF) Dynamic Surface Engagement Modeling and Simulation Tool
  • N132-135: Fusion in a Cloud
  • N132-136: Mine Drift Prediction Tactical Decision Aid (TDA)
  • N132-137: Low-loss Optical Polymer Materials in Multi-kilogram Quantities for Optical Lens Development
  • N132-138: High Data Rate Acoustic Communication
  • N132-139: Tripwires for PEO C4I Systems
  • N132-140: Utilization Of Inference Engine Technology For Navy Cyber Situational Awareness
  • N132-141: Determining Evaporative Duct Afloat
  • N132-144: Development of Novel and Emerging Technology for the Enhancement of Fault Diagnostics
  • N132-145: Advanced Radiation Hardened Data Converter Architecture
  • N132-146: High Temperature Material Coatings

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