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Event Integration & Execution Checklist Automation in Support of Improved Situational Awareness and Knowledge Dissemination (AutoCheck)


OBJECTIVE: Develop an innovative distributed software package that generates, tracks and correlates Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) event integration and execution tasks in order to improve situational awareness and user accuracy for event stakeholders. DESCRIPTION: AutoCheck will be of potential benefit to almost every DoD entity, including all the service components. Any activity that executes operations, plans operations, executes tests, or plans tests, will benefit by adopting AutoCheck. The complexity of BMDS test and assessment events has steadily increased over the past years. The proposed technology would automate much of this process, provide capability for both manual input and autosensing of task completion, and provide a centralized knowledge store resulting in improved knowledge dissemination, event preparation, decision making, and Human Machine Interface (HMI) analysis. A helpful automation step would be to have an automatic utility to track checklist execution and provide feedback on upcoming tasks to be completed through automated sensing. This utility would automate both the items in the checklist and the checking of the relevant status items that contribute to the checklist item status. The utility might also consider the branching logic that a complex checklist usually contains and keep track of that complexity and Artificial Intelligence technology to aid in automated sensing and machine learning of task completion for future enhancements. In addition, the integrated knowledge base needs to handle a flexible range of queries and query types. In particular, there is a need to be able to articulate to the system any query which could be expressed in English by the operator. The innovation is the selection and use of the distributed tools and the adaptation of distributed tools such as data distribution management and content management. Further innovations will use the modern content management and creation systems to create the checklist and allow users to create event preparation checklists that are integrated with the framework, participants, and a common library on a variety of computing platforms. The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) seeks innovative capabilities addressing the following needs and issues: MDA event management and Warfighter event management Hardware agnostic User friendly Adaptable and extensible Validation, Verification and Accreditation (VV & A) Affordability Scalability and portability across BMDS and Warfighter network and IT architectures O & M considerations Benefit to DoD: AutoCheck will be of interest to every DoD entity, including all the service components. Any activity that executes operations, plans operations, executes test, or plans test, will benefit by having the capabilities AutoCheck will provide. PHASE I: Develop an innovative design for automated smart checklist technology for the BMDS event and Warfighter usage. The design should demonstrate the offeror"s understanding of issues and principles of human decision-making and situational awareness via checklists. The design should incorporate the offeror"s innovation extending current state-of-the-artpractice, as well as evolving technologies in Artificial Intelligence for a smart and flexible automated checklist technology for use across MDA and in other Department of Defense operation centers. A proof-of-concept demonstration of the design or critical functions is highly desirable. Phase I work products should include requirements, architecture artifacts and a development plan addressing aspects of requirements allocation, design structure, anticipated behavior, functional completeness, limitations/exclusions/deferrals, extensibility, scalability, testing, technical risks, uncertainty quantification, VV & A, scenario planning augmentation, M & S tool insertion, and O & M. PHASE II: Implement the Phase I design in a prototype that will demonstrate the ability for a capability with BMDS and Warfighter event and knowledge management. PHASE III: Scale the functional and runtime performance of the capability to accommodate stressing operator workloads representative of real world uses of checklist in support of events and knowledge management. Collaborate with Combatant Command (COCOM) Warfighter stakeholders and MDA developer stakeholders to customize the capability, and continue improvement responding to critical feedback from the stakeholders. Demonstrate utility of the capability and that it can be integrated in a mission-critical BMDS and Warfighter supported activity. Support integrating, testing and employing the capability, and improve the capability on the basis of critical feedback and operating experience from BMDS Test and Warfighter stakeholders. Develop, demonstrate, and publish a lean process for integration and test of the capability. DUAL USE/COMMERCIALIZATION USE/COMMERCIALIZATION POTENTIAL: The contractor will pursue commercialization opportunities for the capability in the numerous areas in defense, aviation, and other operational environments within the government and private sectors that can utilize the proposed technology. The technology would perform similar functions, but be applicable in different mission environments. Due to the complexity of global corporations that react in real time to changing market conditions, this technology has enormous commercialization potential.
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